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Call1899 are a UK Carrier Preselection Service who are offering a SIP or IAX VoIP service to their customers. In order to use their service you must signup supplying a UK phone number (land or mobile) and credit/debit card details for billing. Once this has been done, you may connect to and use the VoIP service. Currently VoIP calls to the UK, Germany and the USA are free, others are much cheaper than most other providers in the UK.

in iax.conf:


In extensions.conf:

exten => _1899.,1,SetGroup(voip)
exten => _1899.,2,CheckGroup(1)
exten => _1899.,3,Dial(IAX2/${CALL1899ID}@call1899/${EXTEN:4},90,T)
exten => _1899.,4,Hangup()
exten => _1899.,103,NoOp()
exten => _1899.,104,Playtones(congestion)
exten => _1899.,105,Congestion()

1. This is an outgoing service only, Caller ID is set to your registered phone number.
2. Call1899 only allow 1 call per registered number on VoIP at a time. However you are allowed to register multiple phone numbers (:biggrin:).
3. They claim to support multiple codecs including G.729, however I have only ever seen the connection use G.711 a/ulaw


Ron Wellsted

Added 2005-06-03 by minotaur:
Have been testing both and (both the same parent company) for the last few weeks. Although their list of supported codecs includes g723, g726, g729 and GSM, none apart from g711 appear to work reliably. Calls with g729 just hang up the moment they're answered at the other end (though they ring fine). Calls with GSM suffer from noticably poor audio quality and latency of anything up to 2 or 3 seconds. On the positive side, g711 calls are reliable, low latency, and certainly some of the cheapest rates I've found in the UK.
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