Asterisk setup home

Some setup..

Some other setup.. malaiwah's one
  • AMD AthlonXP 2400+, 512 Mb RAM (running Gentoo Linux)
  • X100P for PSTN connectivity (1 line)
  • S100U for my local telephones (all connected on it, 1 extension)
  • Xten Lite on 1 PC (LAN)
  • Bridged networking to my work place, where I run another Xten Lite on my work PC (WAN over DSL)
  • IAX2 to FWD and to Gafachi
  • Project #1: another S100U for the basement extension or maybe a Grandstream phone
  • Project #2: install another IP phone in the neighbours house with a wireless lan connection (802.11b)

dkounal's home setup
  • AMD Athlon 2200XP, 512MB Ram, Slackware (v.10 and 2.4 kernel in the past, v.12 and 2.6 Kernel now)
  • ISDN FritzPCI in TE mode with chan_capi and AVM drivers for TelCo OTE (ISDN BRI connection)
  • ISDN HFC based card in NT mode with mISDN for connection with an old Siemens ISDN Gigaset 3070 DECT
  • 2 Cordless phones and 1 repeater in the Siemens ISDN 3070 DECT
  • 1 Sipura 2000 for two extensions
  • 1 Sipura 3000 for one extension, also backup PSTN line
  • 1 Grandstream BT102
  • IAX2 to FWD and VoipJet and SIP to iCall
  • Xten to my portable computer
  • fax sending/receiving through e-mail attachments using capi-tools, sff2bmp and custom scripts
  • wakeup, voicemail facilities
Works perfectly!

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