Asterisk setup medium office

Medium Office Setup: Example from real life

Overall system is working with Support queues(AGI login user accounts) and meeting rooms. Voicemail system is not very good need some way to configure the boxes. They really need to redo this application for more standard settings. We have MOH working without any problems. Major down is no Graphical interface. No actual working manager. Got to get them to fix the Zombie lines. (I feel it's mainly do to our 390 and 452 phones.

It works needs some fine tuning but it works. I have nothing good to say about the Aastra phones 390 or the 452. They are not really good for heavy use like we need! The Cisco 7960 is nice to look at but in the real world it's hard to get working and setup. If you don't know about Linux or are able to use scripts it's a real mess to keep up! This is where it's being held back as a real world player!

  • 1 inbound PRI ISDN 23/24 channel - Local phone service with 60 DID numbers. 1 Long Distance T1 line for inbound * 800 numbers and all outbound long distance calls.
  • running on P4 1.7G 512mg 20 gig HDD with 2 T400P boards. Ethernet on MB Intel 845G board.
  • Hardware:
  • 4 Adtran 750 with 24 FXS channels each.
  • 1 Adtran 600 with 4 FX0 and 12 FXS ports.
  • 1 ZetaFax server with US robotics modem.
  • 1 HP Fax as backup
  • 4 Inbound RAS lines for users
  • 2 outbound RAS modems for dial out support lines.
  • 40 452 phones (Really bad choice for phones)
  • 10 390 phones (Again better then 452 but still bad phones)
  • Cisco ATA 186 (nice works great)
  • Cisco 7960 (Nice phone but worst phone to setup and maintain)
  • 4 SIP phones X-Ten Lite with Telex USB connection to PC (Works great)

Medium Office Example #2

Our asterisk solution handles all of our incoming calls for 2 separated offices. After successfully migrating one office to pure VoIP from the legacy Nitsuko system, we are in the process of completing the same task in the second office. Asterisk has worked flawlessly and we are still adding functionality. Eventually, we hope it will provide us conectivity for all our national offices via IAX trunks (~200 phones total).

  • 2 x 10 Channel PRI (Telstra Onramp 10) - 100 DID Numbers and CallerID (Geographapically seperated)
  • Free World Dialup connectivity
  • 3rd Party STD and International Calling via prefix routing
  • Enum lookups for outgoing calls

  • 2 x IBM X306 Servers (P4 3Ghz, 512Mb)
  • 2 x Digium 4 Port E1 Cards
  • 20 Local (LAN) Handsets (Cisco 7940/60)
  • 5 Remote Soft/Hard Phones (Cisco, Grandstream, Xlite)
  • 1 x Cisco ATA186 for Fax Machine

  • Full incoming IVR
  • DID
  • Individual and group voicemail
  • Queues for support and sales calls
  • Incoming/Outgoing Caller ID
  • Conferencing
  • Active Directory based phone book
  • Time based call routing
  • Call data available via web interface

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