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Jan. 2004, by mattf

Our max for a single machine is 40 concurrent SIP -> Zap conversations for about a 12 hour period and over 5000 total phone calls per day. We didn't see crashes going over that, but we wanted to be safe and now have 2 identical machines handling upto about 30 concurrent SIP -> Zap calls(3000 phone calls per day), and a third old machine for office use that never gets over 10 concurrent calls. Here's the specs for these systems:

120 installed hardphones:
80 x grandstream 102 hardphones
20 x Sipura analog adapters(2 phones each)

2 x Asterisk servers
2.6 GHz Pentium4 800MHz bus w/ HyperThreading enabled
Asus p4c800 800MHz mobo
2GB DDR400 RAM (This is actually overkill you need 1GB max if you reboot weekly)
4 x 36GB SCSI drives in RAID 10 w/megaraid card
3com 905CX ethernet card
Digium quad T1 card
3 T1's (2 x B8ZS ESF Long Distance and 1 x robbed-bit SF local)
Redhat 9.0
Asterisk with many modules turned off and no MOH

With these servers you can see the load average jump from 0.00 to 6.25 in a matter of a minute and then back down again, all while never dropping a call or crashing.

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