Asterisk setup minimum

The quest to find the smallest Asterisk hardware

Not that its recommended, but just how small a system can you run Asterisk on?

A summary from postings on the Asterisk mailing list::

Hints and tips

  • Having Pentium MMX instruction set in the CPU helps a lot.

Winner, so far

Smallest system mentioned sucessfully running Asterisk was:

MikroTik RouterBOARD 411 (MIPSBE@266mhz w/o FPU, 32MB RAM)
Using IAX to connect to another Asterisk system.
Only allows two a-law/u-law IAX connections before quality degrades.

Tried by Jesus Bermudez to check if these router boards can be used as small PBXs

Other small configurations mentioned:

  • an original Pentium 100 Mhz, 32 MB RAM

Greg Boehnlein uses:
  • P-133, 16 megs of ram, 3 PCI slots, 3.2 gig hard drive
  • Voicemail Services
  • 1 FXO Card for PSTN Connectivity
  • IAX2 Termination to;
    • Asterisk Server at Work
    • NuFone for Second Home line and 1-800 DID Service
  • Debian 3.0 w/ nothing running except Asterisk, Klogd, Syslogd and SSH
  • Supports up to three concurrent SIP sessions before quality degrades

Someone else uses:
  • Notebook has a 144Mhz Pentium, 80MB RAM and a 2GB disk

Another person uses:
  • Pentium 1, 166mhz, 32meg ram, 1 gig HD
  • 1 FXO port
  • Voicepulse for inbound DID and outbound LD services (using IAX2)
  • Running MOH and Meetme conference service
  • 4 SIP phones running g711

Yet Another person has:
  • Pentium II 233/64 RAM/2.1 HDD.
  • It runs 2 BRI ISDN (4 Lines) + a lot of SIP devices.

Not the smallest Proc, but the smallest case by user Obelisk :)
  • VIA Epia TC 1 GHz
  • IBM Microdrive 1 Gig
  • Linux from Scratch
  • 512 MB Ram
in a 18 x 18 x 6 cm case w. external 60 Watt Laptop Power Supply

Asterisk on an X-box


Mark (the man who made Asterisk PBX, has an xbox that has 4 analog
ports via usb... aka the XBoxPBX

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