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Non-profit European youth NGO

With ASTERISK the Brussels-based headoffice aims at drastically reducing the costs for international phone calls, while allowing remote chapter offices and individual members to call in through VoIP (Free World Dialup) - voice communication is now possible where before it was prohibitive, especially from/to Eastern European countries. Next to this Voicemail and conferencing plus a simple web-based CRM-like tool for incoming ISDN calls are the three most important new features.

Server 1 (Internet):
  • Athlon XP 1700+, software RAID1, 1 GB ECC RAM, UPS
  • RedHat 7.2 (planned for move towards Gentoo)
  • Static IP, university hosted
  • Asterisk for VoIP only (mostly SIP clients, few IAX2 clients)
  • ztdummy as timer for conferencing and IAX2 trunking

Server 2 (office):
  • Ahtlon XP 1800+, 512 MB RAM, RedHat 7.3 (soon: Gentoo), UPS
  • ISDN-2 (BRI) with passive AVM Fritz! PCI card and chan_capi 0.3.1
  • dynamic IP, registers with both IAX and SIP (fallback) on Server 1
  • cable with 128 up/ 1024 down, soon to be replaced by DSL with 256kb up/3Gb down
  • 100 Mbit/s Ethernet infrastructure with un-managed switch, no VLAN
  • phone backup device: Auerswald ISDN PBX ets 2106i (BRI, for 6 analog devices); permanently listens on all MSNs, but answers slower than Asterisk
  • analog fax connected to Auerswald ISDN PBX (soon: via HandyTone ATA 286 SIP adapter so that also the fax can participate in the LCR solution)
  • VoIP providers: nikotel and sipgate
  • self-written LCR for routing calls either via Call-By-Call providers or via VoIP providers (mySQL, PHP for AGI scripting)
  • user based accounting/ billing
  • planned: enable the future DSL router for QoS
  • scheduled Asterisk restart twice a day (forced at night, when convient during the day)
  • ztdummy as timer for conferencing and IAX2 trunking

Sever 3 (office):
  • Dual XEON 2.4 GHz with Hyperthreading, 2 GB RAM ECC, RedHat 9 (soon: Gentoo), UPS
  • acts as Linux terminal server (LTSP)
  • secondary task: backup for server 2 and replacing the Auerswald PBX backup solution (which needs analog phones and has no/little access control and no least cost routing)
  • has a ISDN Fritz! PCI card and can temporarily replace Server 2 even though it does X-Windows (thus this should not be a permanent Asterisk replacement)

  • office: 7 hard phones: 3 Swissvoice ip10 (MGCP) and 3 Grandstream BudgeTone 101 (SIP) and 1 Grandstream HandyTone ATA 286 (connects the analog fax), plus a few soft phones (usually X-Lite). Also considered at one point: Cisco 7905g with SIP image.
  • Internet users: soft phones (mostly X-Lite, but also some IAX based clients), many with FWD registration, a few Grandstream Budgetone 101


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