Asterisk setup soho 24

Small Office SOHO 24 Setup: Example from real life


  • 1 Full PRI (23+1) inbound and outbound shared with 20 DID, from TDS
  • 1 Digium Wildcard TE110P
  • Travla C137 mini-itx case with dual riser card (dual not really needed in this configuration)
  • VIA Epia MII12000 (1.2 ghz) mini-itx motherboard (USB disabled to free up IRQs)
  • 512mb
  • 120gb
  • Fedora Core 4
  • 24 Polycom IP 500 phones with SIP version 1.4.1
(Note: This system was originally configured with 2 x TDM400P (8 lines) cards and pots lines, but TDS was unable to deliver all services promised without going to a full PRI. The TDM400P's worked fine, too, after a faulty one was replaced n/c by Digium.)

Features Used

  • Voicemail
  • Used voicemail functions to create a customized dictation system
  • Music on hold
  • Meeting rooms
  • Caller ID number (with name provided from internal database)
  • AGI for some limited remote text/data access


  • Each active call takes about 1% of CPU time according to top
  • Have tested with as many as 20 lines active with no performance issues
  • Up to 12 people in meeting rooms with no performance issues


  • Significant echo problem (on a PRI?) was fixed by reducing volume in zapata.conf: txgain=-7
  • Auto-configuring Polycom's took some work because of extensive options
  • Had to write perl scripts for cidname loading and polycom configuration


  • The Polycom 500's are great, after you get to a newer release of the code (1.4.1 has been good)
  • The Digium card has been great
  • Extremely flexible

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