Asterisk setup success 1

Hardware Configurations

Machine name phone:

  • SuperMicro 5011E
    • 1200 PIII
    • 256 megs memory
    • 40 gig IDE HD
    • Digium T400P
    • ADIT 600 Channelbank

Machine name pbx:

  • Generic system
    • 1100 Celeron
    • 256 megs memory
    • 80 gig IDE HD
    • Digium T100P
    • Zhone Zplex 10b Channelbank

Description of deployment.

  • 1 PRI from Telcove(formerly Adelphia) into phone located at our Colocation provider.
  • 1 point to point T1 from Telcove for data traffic from Colocation to our office.
  • The phone machine acts as a switch only, and has little local load.
  • phone splits off 1 DID to the local ADIT 600 for a legacy answering system.
  • phone sends the rest of our 19 DID lines to pbx via GSM compressed IAX2 protocol.
  • The machine named pbx does local extension work.
  • pbx is used as a development platform for our software to replace legacy answering system.
  • 23 incoming lines with 10-13 lines peak being used on the legacy system, and 2-4 lines peak being used as extensions.
  • Has been in nearly fault free operation since 05-2002.

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