Asterisk sip domain

sip.conf domain=

With the domain statement you may handle more than one domain on an asterisk server. In section [general] you may add


Calls to <mydomain> will go to context [<context>], overriding (!) the general and peer default context.
You may have several domain= lines in your sip.conf.

REGISTER to non-local domains will be automatically denied if a domain list is configured, so if your phones register to e.g., make sure you have a domain line for that too!

Note: If you have registered with a remote service (and obtained e.g. a DID that way) the incoming call will be sent to your extension@ip, not to extension@domain. It appears that in the case of an IP Asterisk applies the default context (or does it do so for any incoming call that does not match one of the specified domains?)

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