Asterisk sip mailbox

Asterisk sip mailbox=

Configure mailbox to check for message waiting indication (MWI) for this peer.

mailbox=1234, 1235
to check multiple mailboxes.

Use the 1234@context notation if your mailbox is not located in the default context! With the advent of Voicemail2 (and the removal of voicemail version 1 in the end of 2003 from the Asterisk code) voicemail has become context sensitive.

Please note

The voicemail context and the extension context is not the same for a user. If you define a user/peer to belong to context=whatever in sip.conf, the mailbox=1234 config option will look for mailbox 1234 in the [default] context of voicemail.conf.

What happens

Asterisk watches the mailbox and if there's voice mail in the mailbox directory, sends a notification using the SIMPLE syntax. Your phone needs to support this.

You have to set notifymimetype=application/simple-message-summary in sip.conf (still necessary with Asterisk v1.2?)
For Asterisk v1.2: Do have a look at the sip.conf setting vmexten=together with fromdomain= (see bug/patch 4801) if e.g. want to make the "Retrieve" button work on a SNOM phone.

For those of you that understand SIP syntax, the message looks like this:

To: <sip:3008@>
Contact: <sip:asterisk@>
Call-ID: 73fecd1b0818b5a104f19b7270c06475@
CSeq: 102 NOTIFY
User-Agent: Asterisk PBX
Event: message-summary
Content-Type: application/simple-message-summary
Content-Length: 37

Messages-Waiting: yes <<============
Voicemail: 1/0

See also

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