Asterisk sip md5secret

SIP.conf: device configuration - md5secret


where xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the md5hash of "<user>:asterisk:<secret>"

Use this option if you don't want to have plaintext-passwords in your sip.conf. You can build the md5hash with

echo -n "<user>:<realm>:<secret>" | md5sum

The <realm> is "asterisk" by default. If you've set it, use the realm you configured.

The -n is important because otherwise echo will add a \n at the end of the string and the md5hash would be totally different.

If there is an md5secret for a user in the config, the secret for that user will be ignored!

To generate the md5-hash for user 1234 with secret abcd you do:

echo -n "1234:asterisk:abcd" | md5sum

and as result you should get


IAX with md5 authorization

in iax.conf:

Q: HOW TO IMPLEMENT MD5 AUTHORIZATION IN IAX? What else we need to put on both sides? How to generate md5 secret?
A: No need for you to do anything, iax.conf is much easier than sip.conf in this respect. You do not need to md5sum the password.

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