Asterisk sip type

Values for "type" keywords in sip.conf and iax.conf
type = value

  • peer: A SIP entity to which Asterisk sends calls (a SIP provider for example). If you want a user (extension) to have multiple phones, define an extension that calls two SIP peers. The peer authenticates at registration.
  • user: A SIP entity which places calls through Asterisk (A phone which can place calls only). Users authenticate to reach services with their context.
  • friend: An entity which is both a user and a peer. This make sense for most desk handsets and other devices. Asterisk will create two objects, one peer and one user, with the same name.

If a _peer_ is defined with host=dynamic it is allowed to register with Asterisk to tell Asterisk where it can be found (IP address/host name) and that it is reachable from now on.

Matching incoming calls to users and peers

Asterisk normally matches incoming calls to users based on the From: user name (without domain). However, if Asterisk can't find a user that matches the incoming call, it will try to match the caller's IP address with the IP addresses of known peers. If there's no match at all, the call will be sent to the context defined in the [general] section of sip.conf.

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