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This page contains information about international Asterisk sound files.


As of October 2009, it is possible for new languages to be added to Asterisk if you or your company is willing to have the recordings made and then contribute them under the Creative Commons license. They will then appear in the menus of different languages which can be selected at build time. Find these instructions for details and procedures: Everyone who has submitted a language below is encouraged to re-package their sound files for addition. Questions can be sent to John Todd ( regarding language additions.

  • Use language= in a .conf file, or use the CHANNEL(language) function (1.4+) resp. the SetLanguage() application in extensions.conf

Asterisk 1.4+

  • Place the voice prompts into a directory structure as follows (usually within /var/lib/asterisk/):
    • sounds/xx
    • sounds/xx/digits
    • sounds/xx/letters
    • sounds/xx/phonetic

Make sure you put 'languageprefix=yes' in your /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf file, so that Asterisk will use this new file layout.

Asterisk 1.2

NOTE: The file structure for 1.2 is different than for 1.4:

    • sounds/xx
    • sounds/digits/xx
    • sounds/letters/xx
    • sounds/phonetic/xx
where xx is the two letter ISO code of the language in question (nl, fr, de, it, pt, es ...)


Catalan (Spain)

Chinese (Mandarin)

Czech Republic



English (US)

English (Australia)

English (New Zealand)

  • [] - New Zealand voice in GSM and WAV format - Additional prompts available for reasonable cost.

English (South Africa)

English (UK)



  • Asterisk Sounds: Pour qu’Asterisk parle mieux - TTS v 1.4.25 (2013-10-29) Free. Codec: sln16
  • French Voice Prompts for Asterisk, AsteriskNow, Trixbox, Freepbx, Elastix, Callweaver, a2billing and Star2billing from Westany - Professional voice prompts that can be customised by the same voice artist for €9.97 each.
  • On Debian: apt-get install asterisk-prompt-fr #(package asterisk-prompt-fr)
  • - French and English voices to create your own prompts with an easy way to customized them.
  • - ready to go in GSM format
  • - French female voice for asterisk 1.2 in GSM format
  • - Free french female voice for asterisk 1.2 (wav format). Note that the apt source mentioned in the article includes a complete set of asterisk-related packages, and not just the french prompts. If you want just them, see the link to the Debian package above or use the original tarball directly.

French (Québec)










Persian(Farsi) فارسی

کامل ترین بسته پیام های فارسی استریسک و الستیکس به همراه بیش از 100 فایل اضافی برای برنامه نویسی


Portuguese (pt_pt)

Portuguese - Brasil (pt_br)


Slovak Republic

Slovene (professional voice prompts)

  • - Complete set, professional recorded. Please contact to recive the files.

Spanish (Argentina)

Spanish (Colombia)

Spanish (Mexico)

Spanish (Puerto Rico)

Spanish (Spain)




Please add to this list!
- ideally providing both raw uncompressed data as well as GSMs

Commercial International Voice Prompts

  • - Professional customized voice recordings by male and female Japanese voice talents.
  • OpenVoice - Australian professional voice, pre-recorded Asterisk packages plus customised recordings.
  • Voces en la Red - Spanish Professional Prompts
  • Voffice - Complete Brazilian Portuguese voice prompts, can be extended by the same voice artists.
  • Voipshop Australia - Australian Voice Commercial License, Custom Prompts available.
  • Westany - We extend our range of languages all the time. If you have a need for specific language let us know. All of the prompts can be extended by the same voice artists.

Text-to-Speech tools

  • Acapela Voices - including Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch (NL), Dutch (B), English (UK), English (US), Faroe, French, Finnish, German, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Spanish (South America), Swedish and Turkish
  • Amooma TTS - Free web-based Text-to-Speech engine for German. Can be customized in SAMPA alphabet.
  • AT&T Labs Text-to-Speech - TTS including German, French, Latin Am. Spanish
  • cepstral Many high-quality, low-cost voices available.
  • ELAN SaySo - including German, French, Spanish and Italian voices/phonems
  • Loquendo TTS - including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, Catalan, Swedish voices
  • Mbrola - a Freely Available Multilingual Speech Synthesizer for many languages
  • Nuance Realspeak - supports 24 languages and dialects and more than 30 voices
  • Rethorical - text to sound files, including some International.
  • Sakrament TTS Engine - including Russian, with English coming soon

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Where to Buy

UK & Worldwide - VoIPon - Best Prices and Support on Westany Asterisk Voice Prompts - Call for reseller pricing or International Shipping. VoIPon.

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