Asterisk source code management

Asterisk Source Code Management

Old page - Asterisk is now moved from cvs to subversion as of Asterisk version 1.2.



  • Good user permission/separations per branch
  • Atomic commits


  • Easier maintenance of private change sets
  • Availability to the Mac, *BSD, and Windows groups without too many hoops.
  • Good binary file handling (for handling sounds, iaxy firmware)
  • Tagging & branching that can be understood by non-CVS gurus
  • Proper rename/remove support
  • Good merge support
  • Web interface for browsing source code repository
  • Documentation (esp. a "new-cool-scm-tool for CVS converts" document)
  • Emailed commit logs
  • Interface to mantis bug tracker


Subversion is a centralized repository, like CVS. Most others (and BitKeeper) are decentrelized: every copy can be a separate repository. Centralized vs. decentralized is a good topic for flames.


Subversion / svk


Arch / Bazaar



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