Asterisk ss7 LIBISUP

Building carrier applications with Asterisk on off-the-shelf Linux servers is intriguing as it removes the high initial cost barriers of SS7 connectivity. This allows a startup VoIP service provider to build SS7 Interconnect by beginning with small-scale gateways with a only few SS7 E1s and to gradually expand with growing traffic.

The [ solution is stable and have been deployed in many national and international SS7 installations on four continents, approved by many Telcos and interconnected with switches from all major manufacturers. The LIBISUP solution is fully integrated with Asterisk and does not require any additional external equipment.

The SS7 LIBISUP library presents itself as a replacement of the LIBPRI library. This means that you can use the existing Asterisk zap features and applications. The configuration, dial plans, etc. work in similar way as with PRI.

The product is immediately available. Professional support is included in all installations.
For more information please write to
markku.korpi at cosini dot com
and describe your SS7 project.

Frequently asked questions on SS7 with Asterisk:

Q. We have some servers and digium card in our stock. What are the hardware requirements (CPU/Memory) to host TE410P cards?.

Any Zaptel compatible E1/T1/J1 card should be suitable for use with the LIBISUP. We have tested with Digium and Sangoma cards. The CPU and memory requirements are similar to PRI applications and depend how much traffic (i.e. transcoding, echo cancellation, etc.) the gateway is handling. Therefore the same platform requirements apply as in handling of PRIs. In the LIBPRI solution the SS7 protocol itself does not consume a great deal of CPU power or memory.

Q. How many signaling links can be established per server/card?

You could have a lot of SS7 signalling links in one system, but this is not how SS7 is normally used. Typically one link, and probably an extra on a different E1 for redundancy, is all you need. Each SS7 link can handle a lot of signalling traffic.

Q: Is the SS7 LIBISUP available as open source?

No, it is available only from Markku Korpi (the author) of Cosini Technologies (markku at cosini dot com, telephone: international + 49 8151 29040).

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