Asterisk ss7 commands

Chan_ss7 console commands

The chan_ss7 implement a number of commands that can be used from the Asterisk console to monitor and control its operation. This description is applicable for version 0.8

  • ss7 link down Force the SS7 signalling link down on the MTP2 level (sending continous link status 'O' signalling units). The link will not be started again until ss7 link up is invoked (or the chan_ss7 module is unloaded and loaded again).
  • ss7 link up Take the ss7 signalling link back up at the MTP2 level by starting the initial alignment procedure.
  • ss7 link status Show the status for all signalling links.
  • ss7 dump start <file> [in|out|both] [fisu] [lssu] [msu] This starts the chan_ss7 module producing a PCAP dump of the data sent and/or received on the SS7 link. Format is suitable for display in wireshark Wireshark, which understands the SS7 protocols natively. The dump contains each MTP2 packet excluding the flags, so the first byte is the BSN and the last two bytes are the CRC checksum (though the CRC is currently missing for packets sent). Flags and bits that do not validate as correct signalling units are not dumped. Parameters are the name of the file to dump to; which directions to dump (incoming, outgoing, or both, default both); and which type of signalling units to dump (default all).
  • ss7 dump stop [in|out|both] Stop dumping to file.
  • ss7 dump status Show what kind of dump is running, if any. For some reason this currently doesn't work (the output does not appear on the console). Some bug, may need to understand the workings of the Asterisk console to fix it.
  • ss7 linestat Show the status for all CICs.
  • ss7 block <firstcic> <count> Blocks (local maintenance) <count> CICs starting at <firstcic>.
  • ss7 unblock <firstcic> <count> Unlocks (local maintenance) <count> CICs starting at <firstcic>.
  • ss7 cluster start Activates the cluster functions (if configured).
  • ss7 cluster stop Dectivates the cluster functions.
  • ss7 cluster status Shows the status of the cluster the cluster.
  • ss7 reset Resets parts of chan_ss7 (Note. For testing only).

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