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Text in Asterisk

Some channels have support for text communications in Asterisk

  • Console channels support text receiving (shows up on the console) and sending (using the 'show text' CLI command).
  • Zap channels support text communications when in TDD mode (using the tdd mode AGI command). This allows communications between Asterisk and TTY/TDD devices.
  • SIP Supports text messaging during a call, but not outside of a call.
  • IAX
  • SCCP (with chan_sccp2)

Related AGI functions
  • receive char Receive one character of text on a channel, and discard any other characters waiting.
  • receive text Receive a string of text on a channel.
  • send text Send text on a channel.
  • tdd mode Set a Zap channel to TDD mode, for communication with TTY/TDD devices.

New in Asterisk 10: Asterisk now has protocol independent support for processing text messages outside of a call. Messages are routed through the Asterisk dialplan. SIP MESSAGE and XMPP are currently supported. There are options in jabber.conf and sip.conf to allow enabling these features.
  • jabber.conf: see the "sendtodialplan" and "context" options.
  • sip.conf: see the "accept_outofcall_message", "auth_message_requests" and "outofcall_message_context" options.
The MESSAGE() dialplan function and MessageSend() application have been added to go along with this functionality. More detailed usage information can be found on the Asterisk wiki (

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