Asterisk tips Wake-Up Call PHP with Snooze/Annoy

I recently updated my annoy script for Andy Wysocki's Wake Up Call. It works the same as Andy's until you get the actual wake up call. From there you can either cancel or set a snooze of your choice. If you choose cancel you have to answer a simple addition problem to prove you're mildly coherent.

Installation instructions are pretty much the same, dump these files in your agi-bin and mark them executable. Create an extension that launches the wakeup.php AGI.

Current Issue:
  • Requires $parm_chan_ext to be set to 1, otherwise after the first wakup call it won't know where to send the call for the second. I'm sure there's another way around this I just haven't put the time into it.

  • variables for both scripts
  • wakeup.php: Andy's original wake up php, modified to use
  • wakeconfirm.php: The script that confirms the person is awake or sets a snooze

Download attached .tar.gz which includes files mentioned above.

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Asterisk tips Wake-Up Call PHP
Created by: JonR, Last modification: Tue 10 of Jan, 2006 (17:32 UTC)
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