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Hardware phone connected to sound card

How to use a modified chan_oss to operate an old POTS (or DECT) phone that is plugged into a sound cord on an Asterisk box
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Sound card acting as software phone

This is how to configure the sound card of the Linux server you run Asterisk on to act as a phone client to Asterisk.
From John Todd,

; — oss.conf
; Open Sound System Console Driver Configuration File
; Automatically answer incoming calls on the console? Choose yes if
; for example you want to use this as an intercom.
; Default context (is overridden with @context syntax)
; Default extension to call
; Default language
; Silence supression can be enabled when sound is over a certain threshold.
; The value for the threshold should probably be between 500 and 2000 or so,
; but your mileage may vary. Use the echo test to evaluate the best setting.
;silencesuppression = yes
;silencethreshold = 1000

; — extensions.conf
exten => 111,1,Dial(CONSOLE/dsp)
exten => 111,2,Hangup

You will need to have the chan_oss module correctly loaded to use the console as a pager. See "show modules" to verify that it's been installed correctly.

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