Asterisk v1.2

Asterisk 1.2.x

Note that as from 1 August 2007, asterisk 1.2.x is no longer being actively developed, but is in a security fix only state. 1.2.x will be around for some time to come, but you should consider going to asterisk 1.4 instead.

When was it released?

On Nov. 15, 2005 Asterisk 1.2.0 finally saw the light of day!
  • On Dec 7, 2005 Asterisk 1.2.1 was released - read the change log
  • On Jan 18, 2006, the (bad!) Asterisk 1.2.2 came about - read the change log.
  • Asterisk 1.2.3 was released in a hurry to fix a bad bad bug that was introduced 1.2.2
  • Asterisk 1.2.4 came with a fix for a memory leak that was present in previous 1.2.x releases

What is included?

Asterisk v1.2 includes
  • A re-enginered database interface library called ARA, The Asterisk Realtime Architecture
  • New configuration file logic with templates
  • New dialplan syntax and an experimental new dialplan language: AEL
  • New music-onhold functions for native music
  • New file formats: Ogg Vorbis and Sun Microsystem's AU-files
  • Many improvements in the SIP channel
  • IAX2 jitterbuffer and packet loss concealment
  • Many new applications and dialplan functions
Asterisk 1.2 maintains backwards compatiblity with Asterisk 1.0 in regards to configuration files - there are only a few small things that have changed (well documented in UPGRADE.txt).

To get an overview, check this presentation of Asterisk 1.2 by Training, or look at the more comprehensive list on the Digium web site.

Upgrading from version 1.0.x

download the asterisk-1.2.0.tar.gz and if needed all other necessary downloads from after unzip there are two ways for installation:
1) run make, make install and make samples. it is like a complete new installation. your old config files will be renamed to .old if you run make samples
2) run make, make upgrade.

It is recommended in both ways that you remove the *.so files in your asterisk modules directory prior to doing "make install" from the new 1.2. if you don't remove you got error messages by starting asterisk. then you must remove following .so files in your asterisk modules directory (should be in /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/):

If you are updating from a previous version of Asterisk, make sure you read the UPGRADE.txt file in the source directory. There are some files and configuration options that you will have to change, even though we made every effort possible to maintain backwards compatibility.

In order to discover new features to use, please check the configuration examples in the /configs directory of the source code distribution.


Asterisk 1.2 is available on the Digium FTP Server and mirrors. The current development version, Asterisk 1.3dev, is available in the Subversion repository on Download instructions.

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