Asterisk vertical service activation codes

for analog phones (ZAP channel)

*0 Flash external trunk on bridged channel.
*60 Blacklist last caller (if callerid was present) (after 13 Sep 2004)
*67 Disable Caller ID for next outgoing call (per call blocking).
*69 Call return. Dials number of last caller if caller ID was present.
*70 Disable call waiting for the next call or until hangup.
*72 Enable call forwarding.
*73 Cancel call forwarding.
*77 Enable Anonymous Call Rejection
*78 Enable do not disturb.
*79 Disable do not disturb.
*80 Blacklist the caller who called previously (If Caller ID was present) (before 13 Sep 2004)
*82 Enable caller ID on a line with per-line blocking.
*87 Disable Anonymous Call Rejection

Note: These codes are the US numbering sequences. If you like European style codes -for now- you'll need to implement them in the dialplan. See some of the examples in the Dial plan solutions at Asterisk tips and tricks.

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