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vzaphfc is the new name for zaphfc, a module to work with cheap ISDN (BRI) cards based on the HFC chipset made by Cologne Chip.
The code probably never moves to DAHDI cause of marketing reasons by Digium.

Original code by tzafrir and odicha. This device driver doesn't need patches like Bristuff and/or Flortz anymore.

Packages for Ubuntu are already available since 2009-08-25, for Gentoo (site in german language) since 2010-03-05.

Gentoo-based tutorials are available in english and german language, but the patches are also usable with other distributions.

vzaphfc is reported to run stable on some productive systems (x86 and x86_64).

Hint: You may've been interested in the fact that native DAHDI-support for HFC-cards with more than one Port (i.e. Beronet BN4S0) is already available since dahdi-linux-2.2.1!

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