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Guidelines for authors

I've tried to standardize the way I created links to make it simple to create crossreferences.

All links that are specific to Asterisk start with Asterisk as a keyword, to differ between other stuff in the Wiki. I.e. to make Asterisk SIP and SIP different links.

  • Applications all start with Asterisk cmd (Yes, it's stupid, should be "asterisk app" - but I didn't know then. Learning by documenting... )
  • Configuration files pages all are names with Asterisk config, like Asterisk config sip.conf.
  • CLI Commands all start with Asterisk cli
  • Variables all start with Asterisk variable

Don't be afraid to start new pages or add stuff. The important thing is that the Wiki grows with new information, clarifications, tips, tricks and suggestions. Some people know how to, other people may edit to make pages consistent, other groups correct errors. Just do it!

As Asterisk evolves some commands, applications and other information may be deprecated then removed. DO NOT remove this information from the wiki. Just tag them as deprecated and add the new information or a link to it. This way it is possible to get a complete view of the evolution of commands and what they do.

If you have questions, feel free to mail me at or simply add questions by adding comments to wiki pages.

/Olle E. Johansson,

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