Asterisk zaprtc



Add this to rc.local to get it initialised at boot:

insmod /lib/modules/2.4.21-9.ELcustom/misc/zaprtc.o
/usr/local/bin/rtcsetup &

(Obviously modify the kernel path if required - this is for RHES3)

Note: After make failure and complaints about missing zaptel.h you might want to copy all *.h files from /zaptel into /zaptelrtc and then do "make". This worked for me with Asterisk 1.0.5 on Debian Sarge with kernel 2.4.27.
Of course check first that rtc (enhanced real time clock) isn't compiled into your kernel or loaded as a module (check for the latter case with lsmod).

Jan. 2004:

I updated Junghanns' zaprtc to work with a 2.6 kernel.
It is not extensively tested, but does compile cleanly
installs without errors and works with Meetme conferences.

Since this code is not part of the zaptel cvs, I'll be
happy to share the diff, or if the Bug Marshalls would not
mind open a bug and post the diff there.

(One caveat, on unload the zaprtc module does not seem to
unregister its channels. Since I haven't worked on kernel
modules before, I thought a module that loads is worth
sharing. I'll work on the unload next)

Dan Austin

Question: What's the sense of this? On 2.6 kernels "make linux26" in the /zaptel source dir will build ztdummy regardless of which USB type the motherboard uses; in other words there is no use for zaprtc on a 2.6 kernel.

Feb 2005:

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