Asterisk zttool


Zaptel Tool: Shows status of Digium's interface cards; can run a loop test.


zttool shows the current status the Digium Zaptel inteface cards plugged to the computer.
It displays values like Current Alarms, SyncSource, Tx/Rx Levels for each Zaptel interface.

Compile and install

  • requires libnewt (e.g. libnewt-dev package on Debian; aka newt-devel on CentOS 4.4)
  • change into your zaptel source directory and issue a 'make zttool' (followed by 'make install')

Example output

Current Alarms: No alarms.
Sync Source: Internally clocked
IRQ Misses: 0
Bipolar Viol: 0
Tx/Rx Levels: 0/ 0
Total/Conf/Act: 3/ 3/ 0


  • issue a 'cat /proc/zaptel/*'
  • do a "zap show channels" at the Asterisk CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • do a "zap show status" at the CLI (introduced in Asterisk 1.1dev and 1.2 release); includes missed interrupt info
  • enter "pri show span <x>" or "pri debug span <x>" at the Asterisk CLI

Related tool: ztmonitor

ztmonitor monitors a zaptel channel. It gives you a visual representation of the sound strengths and makes it easy to see if the received or transmitted signals are too high or out of balance.

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