I have successfully connected a Panasonic 816 to an asterisk server. I will be building this page as I continue to program/implement the connectivity between the 816 and the asterisk server.

The purpose of this connectivity is to;
1. Remove the VM VPS-50 connected to the 816 with the asterisk box.
2. Use the 816 for interface to the existing digital and analog phones, until I decommission the analog and digital handsets.

The initial configuration is:

Panasonic AU 816-3

CO1 -> Telstra PSTN
CO2 -> ----
CO3 -> Cisco ATA-186 Port 1
CO4 -> Cisco ATA-186 Port 2
CO5 -> ----
CO6 -> ----
CO7 -> Telstra OnRamp2 (with 100 Numbers)
CO8 -> Telstra OnRamp2 (with 100 Numbers)

Created by: heitbaum, Last modification: Sun 13 of Feb, 2005 (12:12 UTC)
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