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Chapter 13 Consultants and Consulting Companies that support [email protected]

The only thing that makes a Small/Medium Business IT Manager think twice about using [email protected] in their enterprise would be the lack of support. There will be times when the forums will not be enough to solve a major [email protected] issue that may occur and we all know, THE CALLS MUST FLOW. The ability to make a call to get help immediately is very important. Luckily there are some enterprising companies and people who will step up to the plate and offer their assistance. Here is a list of them. The following list is in no particular order, apart from the first two - they're active developers of freePBX, who also offer commercial support. For all the rest, you will have to evaluate each company and person on your own. Obviously, it would be nice to support the Developers, if possible.

13.1 Asterisk Agent

  • http://www.AsteriskAgent.com
  • 24/7 Support
  • Remote Support Available
  • support@AsteriskAgent.com
  • Specializing in Asterisk based solutions.
  • Asterisk Support & Staffing
  • Live Website Support Available

13.2 Rob Thomas

Company Name: Why Pay More 4 Less Pty Ltd.
Company Web Site: http://aussievoip.com.au/wiki/WPM4L-Support
Company Email: xrobau@gmail.com
Company Address: 1 Grayson St, Gladstone, QLD, AUSTRALIA
Company Phone No: +61-7-4972-2157 (available via e164.org)
24 Hour Mobile: +61-402-077-155
Developer Status: Active freePBX Developer
Type of Support: Per Hour, or Contract. Available onsite throughout Australia. Certified Hardware.

Non-Developer Support

13.3 Anteil, Inc.

Company Name: Anteil, Inc.
Company Web Site: http://www.anteil.com
Company Email: info@anteil.com
Company Address: 160 S Progress Ave STE 3D, Harrisburg, PA 17109
Company Phone Number: (877) OSLINUX
Company Fax Number: (717) 657-6142
Type of Support: Per Hour and Contract / CRM Solutions, Asterisk Integration, Custom AJAX Web Applications

13.4 Baldwin Technology Solutions Inc.

Company Name: Baldwin Technology Solutions Inc.
Company Web Site: http://baldwintechsolutions.com/
Company Email: http://baldwintechsolutions.com/contacts.php
Company Address: 32 Baldwin Rd Glenville, NY 12302
Company Phone Number: (518) 631-2855 or 866-989-VOIP
Company Fax Number: (518) 631-2856
Type of Support: You can purchase 1/2 credits or support contracts at reduced rates.
Prices: http://baldwintechsolutions.com/aahsupport.php
We also have discounted pricing on all hardware we carry for AAH users. Please contact us
before making a purchase and ask for AAH special pricing.

13.5 BESTEK - Computer Retail & Solutions

Company Name: BESTEK - Computer Retail & Solutions
Company Web Site: http://www.bestekpc.ca/
Company Email: sales@bestekpc.ca
Company Phone Number: +1-519-653-3940 / FWD: 654015
Company Address: 449 King Street East, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada N3H3N1
Type of Support: Small/medium office deployment of [email protected]; installation and support; End-user training; Equipment sales.

13.6 Dimi Telecom

Company Name: Dimi Telecom
Company Web Site: tba
Company Email: tech@dimitel.com
Company Address:
Company Phone Number: (972) 9 9611226
Company Fax Number: (972) 9 9581739
Type of Support: Per Hour /ad hoc and Contract. [email protected] Onsite / Phone / Remote Support and Advice for SME's. Remote support using ssh. Demo system available by arrangement. Will provide training for client's own staff. Custom designed Asterisk based appliances and applications. Tier-1 implementation of Asterisk based services and systems.

13.7 Enhanced Technology Solutions

Company Name: Enhanced Technology Solutions
Company Web Site: http://www.enhancedtechnologysolutions.com/
Company Email: sales_AT_enhancedtechnologysolutions.com
Company Address: PO Box 65778, Albuquerque, NM 87193
Company Phone Number: 505-349-8139
Company Fax Number: 505-217-2330
Type of Support: Hourly consulting rates, full design, deployment, maintenance SLAs for [email protected] and Asterisk systems; training; converged networking

13.8 Enterux Solutions

Company Name: Enterux Solutions
Company WebSite: http://www.enterux.com/
Company Email: info at enterux dot com
Company Phone : +91-9867333566 / +1-302-691-0104
Type of Support: Need help with your [email protected] server? We can provide remote support for you to get you up and running quickly. We can work Per Hour and Contract consulting; [email protected] System design, installation and support. Support provided on-site, remote and over phone; End-user training; VoIP Provider Trunk Setup; Basic Troubleshooting; DID Routing setup; Call routing; custom modifications; digital receptionist; NAT issues with remote extensions; ATA or Hardphone setup.
We have help many customers setup remote extensions, VoIP provider trunks, ATA's and custom applications.
Support Forum: Indian Asterisk Support Forum, There are quite good chances for you to find your answers in the forum out there.

13.10 Intelegent Networks

Company Name: Intelegent Networks
Company Web Site: http://www.intelegentnetworks.com
Company Email: rajeevpn at intelegentnetworks.com

Company Phone Number: +91-94440-72925 / +1-360-519-5969
Type of Support: Per Hour and Contract consulting; [email protected] System design, installation and support. Support provided on-site, remote and over phone; End-user training; Demo available!

13.11 Jonathan Roper

Company Name: Jonathan Roper
Company Web Site: TBA
Company Email: joe.roper@gmail.com
Company Address: The Docks, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 7DF, UK
Company Phone Number: +44 7974 245 885
Company Fax Number: N/A
Type of Support: VoIP, Telecoms, [email protected], Locustworld Mesh Wifi.

13.12 LanXperts, Inc.

Company Name: LanXperts, Inc.
Company Web Site: http://www.lanxperts.com
Company Email: sales@lanxperts.com
Company Address: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Company Phone Number: 610-391-3888
Type of Support: Per hour /ad hoc and contract; [email protected] system design, installation and support. [email protected] integration with Cisco Callmanager, Cisco IP phones and IOS gateways. [email protected] integration with Avaya solutions. Use [email protected] to overcome the limitations of any traditional PBX.

13.13 MemonConsulting

Company Name: Memon Consulting
Company Web Site: http://memoncorp.com
Company Email: sales@memoncorp.com
Company Phone Number: (301) 458-0480
Type of Support: Per Hour /ad hoc and Contract; Asterisk System design, installation and support. Support provided remotely; End-user training; We'll support your clients for you, while representing your company.

  • VoIP (Asterisk)
  • Standard Telecom, Networking and Biz Systems
  • Vendor negotiations for circuits
  • Live Event Video Streaming

13.14 OFB Consulting

Company Name: Open for Business Consulting
Company Web Site: http://www.ofbconsulting.com/
Company Email: chile at ofbconsulting.com
Company Address: Avenida Suecia 0119, Of. 5, Providencia, Santiago-Chile
Company Phone Number: (562) 753-7148
Company Fax Number: (562) 249-6552
Type of Support: Per Hour support, Turn key VoIP Consulting, Small / Medium / Large Scale TrixBox based Deployment

13.15 Pibix

Company Name: Pibix Telefonía IP
Company Web Site: http://www.pibix.cl/
Company Email: info at pibix.cl
Company Address: Amapolas 3624, Providencia, Santiago-Chile
Company Phone Number: (56-2) 223-4746
Company Fax Number: N/A
Type of Support: Per Hour support, Turn key VoIP Consulting, Small / Medium / Large Scale Asterisk Deployment
Prices: http://www.pibix.cl

13.16 Sound Choice Communications LLC

Company Name: Sound Choice Communications LLC
Company Web Site: http://www.soundchoicecomm.com/
Company Email: staff@soundchoicecomm.com
Company Address: 7839 12th Ave S, Bloomington MN 55425
Company Phone Number: +1.(651)999-0888
Type of Support: DID, Termination, Hourly Support
Rates: $90/hr Consulting

13.17 Tech Data Pros

Company Name: Tech Data Pros
Company Web Site: http://techdatapros.com/
Company Email: support@techdatapros.com
Company Address: 5142 Yearling Ave. Irvine, Ca 92604
Company Phone Number: (888) I-DO-VOIP or (949) 502-7819
Company Fax Number: N/A
Type of Support: Per Hour Support
Prices: http://techdatapros.com/

13.18 TightWire

Company Name: TightWire
Company Web Site: http://www.tightwire.net
Company Email: voip@tightwire.net
Company Address: 212 Abilene, Vernon Hills, IL 60061
Company Phone Number: (847) 810-7600
Company Fax Number: (847) 574-0426
Type of Support: Per Hour and Contract consulting. Equipment sales, installation, and support for [email protected] systems. Services provided onsite, by phone, or remote

13.19 Centritech Communications Systems

Company Name: Centritech Communications Systems
Company Web Site: http://www.centritech.net
Company Email: dispatch@centritech.net
Company Address: 3420 Pump Road Suite 249, Richmond VA, USA
Company Phone Number: (804) 360-9753
Type of Support: Per Hour and Contract Consulting. New Equipment Sales, Installation, and Support for Asterisk based systems, Tier 2 and above for IT departments managing their own Asterisk systems, Specialist in call center and multi location offices.

13.20 Net Primates Ltd

Company Name: Net Primates Ltd
Company Web Site: http://netprimates.com
Company Email: sales@netprimates.com
Company Address: Southampton, UK
Company Phone Number: 0870 224 5780
Company Fax Number: 0870 224 5781
Type of Support: Per Hour, Contract and Consulting. Sales, Project Design, Installation and Support of Asterisk, Trixbox & [email protected] Full Cisco Phone implementation and Support. We can supply the full solution including SIP trunks & PSTN breakout via VOIP partner

13.21 ServicePointe

Company Name: Services rolled into Tech Data Pros
Company Web Site:
Company Email:
Company Phone Number:
Company Fax Number:
Type of Support:

13.22 SEAQ

Company Web Site: http://www.seaq.com.co
Company Email: serviciosit@seaq.com.co
Company Address: Bogota, Colombia
Company Phone Number: 571 655 98 00
Type of Support: Per Hour, Contract and Consulting. Sales, Project Design, Installation and Support of Asterisk & [email protected] Full Cisco Phone implementation and Support. Integration of Asterisk IM, AsterFAX and VtigerCRM/SugarCRM

13.23 GearyTech Inc.

Company Name: GearyTech Inc.
Company Web Site: http://www.gearytech.com
Company Email: sales@gearytech.com
Company Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Company Phone Number: 1-888-890-3499
Type of Support: Per Hour, Contract and Consulting. Sales, Project Design, Installation and Support of [email protected], analog phone line integration.

13.24 Conexys SRL

Company Name: Conexys SRL
Company Web Site: http://www.conexys.com.ar
Company Email: consultoria@conexys.com.ar
Company Address: Corrientes 257 - (2000) Rosario - Santa Fe - Argentina
Company Phone Number: 54-341-4493535
Type of Support: FreePBX Official Translators and supporters, Per Hour and Contract Support, Asterisk Consulting. Sales, Project Design, Installation and Support of [email protected], Digital and analog phone line integration, Call center and large scale Solutions.

13.25 Cardiff IT Support Ltd

Company Name: Cardiff IT Support Ltd
Company Web Site: http://www.cardiffitsupport.com
Company Email: mailbox@cardiffitsupport.com
Company Address: 2 Alexandra Gate, Ffordd Pengam, Cardiff, CF24 2SA
Company Phone Number: Int. +44 800 011 2931 or UK 0800 011 2931
Type of Support: Asterisk at Home / FreePBX / Trixbox / Asterisk, Per Hour and Contract Support. Consulting, Sales, Design, and installation.

13.26 Binary Systems, Inc.

Company Name: Binary Systems, Inc.
Company Web Site: www.binary-systems.com, www.asterisk-vonage.com
Company Email: sales@binary-systems.com
Company Address: Richardson "Telecom Corridor" / Dallas, TX, USA
Company Phone Number: 972-238-9146
Type of Support: Hourly and Contract Professional Support Services, Sign-up Online

Do you want to use [email protected]/TrixBox but need professional support to get your system off the ground?
Do you need a high-quality VoIP service provider for your IP PBX?
Are technical problems delaying your VoIP rollout?

Binary Systems provides VoIP Networking professional support services, as well as, complete [email protected] / Trixbox VoIP PBX solutions for enterprises of all sizes. We specialize in Asterisk/Vonage/VegaStream integration.

The Binary Systems VoIP Training Institute provides complete training on VoIP, IMS and next-generation networking technology.

Binary Systems sells, installs, and supports Vonage Business Plus SIP Trunking service for Asterisk systems.

13.28 VisionVoIP Communications Inc.

Company Name: VisionVoIP Communications Inc.
Company Web Site: http://www.visionvoip.com
Company Email: mailto:info@visionvoip.com
Company Address: Toronto, Canada
Company Phone Number: 1-800-VVoIP-15 (1-800-886-4715)
Type of Support: Telecommunications, VoIP, Networking, Asterisk, [email protected] / Trixbox
Hourly and Contract Support, Consulting, Hosting, Office PBX, Call Centre Design and Installation Services.

13.29 Inland I.T. Solutions

Company Name: Inland I.T. Solutions
Company Web Site: http://www.inlanditsolutions.com
Company Email: mailto:info@inlanditsolutions.com
Company Address: 200 N Mullan Rd, Suite 116, Spokane, Washington 99206
Company Phone Number: (509) 926-4214
Type of Support: VoIP, Networking and Computer Consultant, [email protected], Fonality PBXtra,
Linux and Windows. We offer Hourly and Contract Support options. Serving Spokane and the Inland Northwest.

Here are the asterisk consultants list that has been compiled in voip-info.org. However, it is not clear if they support [email protected] or not.

Links to http://www.voip-info.org overview over Asterisk consultants.

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