Note: This page is superceded. The AMP Documentation (and, as such, this specific Asterisk at Home page) is now on its own website, and the AMP FWD documentation is available here.

This page assumes that you've already got a functioning extension with your Asterisk@Home machine, and you can dial *411 from your extension to get to the directory. You also need a FreeWorldDialup account, and I'll assume you've done that too.

You should have a phone number (123456) and a password (wibble). You also need to have your FWD account setup for IAX. This is achieved by visiting, logging in and turning on IAX. It does take a little bit of time to be set up (10 mins or so), so do that first. Once you've turned it on and clicked 'Submit' enough times (I noticed I had to click Submit two or three times before it came up with 'Changes Sucessful', that may have just been a temporary glitch) you're ready to proceed below.

Once again, you need to be in AMP, the Asterisk Management Portal. Click on Setup up the top, but this time click on Trunks on the left. Click on Add IAX2 Trunk

Dial Prefix is, usually, 393 — That's 'FWD' on your phones pad.
Leave Default Trunk switched off
Outbound Caller ID should (but doesn't have to be) set to your FWD Number. This is what is displayed when you call someone else through FWD. They'd normally just see your Extension (200).

In Outgoing Settings you want to set the Trunk Name to fwd - This is just a descriptive name, and is what appears on the left of the screen.
In PEER Details you want this: (Change '123456' and 'wibble' to be your FWD Number and Password)

In Incoming Settings this is how it should be configured:
USER Context MUST be iaxfwd otherwise it won't work. Pay attention here. Don't change it.
USER Details should be as below (Nothing needs to be changed here, this can be pasted straight in)

The Register String should be set to, using our examples above, it would be

Thats it. Click on Submit Changes, and then on the big red 'You have made changes' bar and you're done.

Assuming you've got your username and password correct, you should now be able to dial '393612', Which will read out the time to you. IF you're feeling exceptionally brave, call '393613', which is a useful little echo tester - it'll just bounce back to you everything you say to it. Ycan then try '393514' which is FWD's 'Coffee Lounge' - I've never actually sucessfully had a conversation with anyone there, however, or '39355555', which calls a random volunteer, so you can actually speak to a live person!

If you're then feeling very brave, feel free to fight with my Digital Receptionist (which I'll do some documentation for later) on 39347876 (my FWD number is 47876)

Receiving Calls

To ensure you can recieve calls, you need to set up a DID (Direct InDial) connection. This is what is sent by the remote site, as the number they wish to contact. Type in your FWD number in the DID Number box. You can leave the Destination set to 'Use Incoming Calls settings'. If you want to test it, and you've only got one extension, set it to 'Voicemail' and then call yourself (eg, dial 373 47876, replacing 47876 with your FWD number). You should go out to FWDl, and then back in to your voicemail.

You can verify that you can receive calls by visiting That's the 'Call Me' function of FWD.

Additional Information

AMP, the Asterisk Management Portal project also has some documentation ( documentation) that may be useful.

(Edit from xrobau: The AMP stuff that's in CVS now is *far* more flexible than what is here, and is very very impressive. I might just have this page as a link to various Asterisk@home versions, and have different setup instructions for each version? Suggestions?)
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