This page assumes that you've already got a functioning extension with your Asterisk@Home machine, and you can dial *411 from your extension to get to the directory. You also need a Firefly/Freshtel account, and I'll assume you've done that too. You can sign up for a number at if you don't have one. They allow you to pick your number along the lines of 8XXXXXXX (which is the Australian standard, we use (0X)-XXXX-XXXX as our telephone numbers)

You should have a phone number (80771550 which is coincidently mine) and a password (wibble - which is not (:smile:)).

Once again, you want to be in Setup, and then Trunks. Click on Add Trunk and then _Add IAX2 Trunk__.

With the Dial Prefix, I picked 8, purely because all the freshtel/firefly numbers start with 8. So enter 8 into Dial Prefix:.
The Outbound Caller ID Should be set to your Firefly number, which is this case is 80771550. If you don't set this, the called party will see your *local* asterisk extension, which is not much use to them.

In the Outgoing Settings the 'Trunk Name' is purely descriptive, it can be set to whatever you want. I picked 'freshtel'.
In the PEER Details: box, you need to have this: (Don't forget to change 80771550 and wibble to YOUR account details)

In the Incoming Settings the USER Context MUST BE YOUR FIREFLY NUMBER WITH A STAR IN FRONT OF IT. If you don't set it to that, you will not be able to recieve calls.
My USER Context: is set to '*80771550'
In the USER Details: box, you need to have this: (Don't forget to change your password here!)

The Register String must be set to your — Mine would be

Again, it's that easy. Click on Submit Changes and then click on the red Apply bar that appeared.

You should now be able to call out on Freshtel - Try it by calling 880001234 (80001234 is the test number, and 8 is the prefix we set up up the top).

Receiving Calls

To ensure you can recieve calls, you need to set up a DID (Direct InDial) connection. This is what is sent by the remote site, as the number they wish to contact. So, being that Freshtel sends an * in front of everything, you need to type in '*80771550' (of course, change that to be your number), and then for the moment, leave it set to 'Use Incoming Calls settings'. If you want to test it, and you've only got one extension, set it to 'Voicemail' and then call yourself (eg, duial 8 80771550). You should go out to Freshtel, and then back in to your voicemail.

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