Asterisk@Home with TelaSIP

This page assumes that you've already got a functioning extension with your Asterisk@Home machine (version .9 or higher), and you can dial *411 from your extension to get to the directory. You also need a TelaSIP account, and I'll assume you've done that too. If you don't have an account, check the TelaSIP page (or the resources section below) for links. Also please use an affiliate link (found in the recources section) when ordering. It helps others and costs you nothing.

After your order is complete, you will recieve a username, password, and your did number(s) via email. You will need all of these to complete your setup. We will start in the AMP pages, under 'Setup', and then 'Trunks'. Click on 'Add Trunk' and then 'Add SIP Trunk'.

General Settings

  • Outbound Caller ID should be set to one of your DID numbers or another number that you want incoming calls to come in on. This is the number that others will see when you call them. If you do not fill this in, the number will be your *LOCAL* extention number, which will not be useful at all to outside callers.
  • Maximum Channels should be set to 2 in most cases (VoipExpress Plus and VoipExpress Premium includes two DID's and simultaneous channels/account).

Outgoing Dial Rules

  • Dial Rules: Generally you will need only one entry here to convert 7 digit numbers into 10 digit ones. That entry is: (replace <brackets> with the correct information)
<your area code>+NXXXXXX

  • Outbound Dial Prefix is normally unused. In special situations it may be required, but I can't think of one when using TelaSIP.

Outgoing Settings

  • Trunk Name: to-telasip1 (or other descriptive name for outbound calls using this trunk)
  • Peer details: (replace <brackets> with the correct information)
fromuser=<your user name>
secret=<your password>
username=<your user name>

Incoming Settings

  • USER Context:
  • USER Details:


  • Register String: (replace <brackets> with the correct information)
<your username>:<your password>^

Press 'Submit Changes' to save the trunk. Outbound calling will not work until you have created an Outbound Route that references this trunk. Generally these routes are unique to each instance of A@H and will require some careful consideration to get them right for your planned use. For the purposes of this document, I will supply a single example that would get this trunk working for outbound local calling only. You will need to create outbound calling rules that fit your uses for the TelaSIP service. To configure this example local Outbound route, go to the 'Setup' pages in AMP, and then ckick 'Outbound Routing' and 'Add Route'.

Add Route

  • Route Name: Local (or other descriptive name for this type of call)
  • Dial Patterns: NXXXXXX (the only pattern needed for a 7 digit dialed local call)
  • Trunk Sequence: Select 'SIP/to-telasip1' (or whatever you named the trunk above) and click 'Add'

Click 'Submit Changes' to save the new route. Click the red 'Apply Changes' bar to make your changes active. At this point you should be able to make a local call (7 digit dialed) with no problems. Configuring additional Outbound Routes will allow other types of calls to use the TelaSIP service.

So what about incoming calls? In order to use inbound calling you need to configure the DID Routes in AMP. Luckily, this is a simple process. From the AMP 'Setup' pages, select 'DID Routes' and click on 'Add DID'.

DID Route

  • DID Number: <DID number provided by TelaSIP>
  • Set Destination: Use 'Incoming Calls' settings (unless you want a specific number to go somewhere else)

That's it. Repeat the DID Add section for each DID number you have and apply your changes with the red 'Apply Changes' bar. You should now be able to recieve calls using those DID numbers with no problem. If you have problems with your configuration, you can email I found their support to be very quick to respond and very knowledgeable. Good Luck!

Other Resources

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