Asterisk@Home with VoicePulse Connect for Asterisk

Important Note: This Wiki describes how to set up an IAX2 connection to VoicePulse Connect, not VoicePulse Broadband Phone Service. VoicePulse Connect is a pay-per-minute, commercial-grade offering from VoicePulse. It supports SIP and IAX2 connections. I have only covered IAX2 here because that is how I have mine configured and I think IAX2 is a better choice for connectivity.

This page assumes you already have a working Asterisk@Home (hereinafter A@H) machine. My A@H machine is running version 1.5 of A@H, so of course this example is based upon that. Any items not specifically mentioned should be left blank.

VoicePulse Asterisk@Home v0.1 Module

VoicePulse has released a module, found in the Account Center, which will auto-configure an A@H 2.7/2.8 fresh install by creating trunks, routes, extensions, etc. and allow you to make phone calls within minutes.

VoicePulse Asterisk@Home Manual Instructions

VoicePulse has posted up-to-date, step-by-step instructions on configuring Asterisk@Home with the VoicePulse Connect for Asterisk service in the customer Account Center.

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