AsteriskMonitor - Current: version 3 beta

AsteriskMonitor is a FREE powerful software completely written in Java and distributed under the GPL license. AsteriskMonitor pretends to be a bridge between Asterisk and any Java-based application trying to get statistics and data from the asterisk server.

AsteriskJavaEye is a FREE web-based java application, released under the GPL license too, that connects to AsteriskMonitor and shows you what's happening NOW in your Asterisk server: who is connected to which queues, for how long today, how many calls has he/she answered, is it ringing now, etc.

AsteriskJavaStat is a FREE web-based java module for AsteriskJavaEye, released under the GPL as well, that allows you to view formatted statistics from your PBX. AsteriskJavaStat won't read the CDR; it uses the AsteriskMonitor's statistic database, which is easier to read and mantain than the CDR.

Official page

You can visit us in

There you will find official releases, tutorials, how-to, community forums and downloads. (currently under construction)


  • Automatic recognition of any kind of generic event (login/logout of agents, joining/leaving queues, new calls, voicemails, recordings, dials, transfers, etc)

  • Real-time updated data-model of Asterisk's state on the server

  • Server accesible trought RMI, with an open API that allows you just to deal with Terminals, Agents, Calls, Queues, etc, as Java objects.

  • Expandable: You can easily develope new modules for AsteriskMonitor, to recognize new kinds of events for your own profit. You just need to write it in Java, compile your single .java file and leave it in the right directory. AsteriskMonitor will load it dinamycally and start using it in seconds. No compile or restart needed.

  • Inverse mode: you can also modify Asterisk's state, adding agents to queues, reloading config files, restarting Asterisk, etc.

  • Works over the Asterisk's Manager Api interface. It has got an integrated connection-repeater system, which will open as many new Manager Api ports as you want, allowing you to connect multiple programs to Asterisk trought AsteriskMonitor, Asterisk won't even notice about it.

  • Includes a web application (AsteriskJavaEye) you can deploy on any Tomcat engine, which will connect to AsteriskMonitor trought RMI and allow you to see any statistical data you need about your agents, and will let you add/remove them from queues, connect/disconnect them, etc.

  • All the system is 100% Java-Based and independent on the machine. You can have Asterisk working in a PC and run AsteriskMonitor + AsteriskJavaEye in any other one.

  • Reliable CDR: AsteriskMonitor can register its own CDR, with detailed, exact and well-documented information about call times, steps, holds, transfers, etc. It can record agent connection times, total time spent in a queue, etc. AsteriskMonitor's statistical functions are able to connect to any database which has got a jdbc connector: MySQL, Postgre, Oracle, MS SQL, etc. No compilation or restart required; just put the driver in the right directory (if it hasn't got it already), and go to see your new statistics working.

  • Statistics browser module: AsteriskJavaStat is an independent module that can be loaded into the AsteriskJavaEye, and will show you nice and real statistics about your contact center.

Version information:

AsteriskMonitor is currently in a beta version. It has been proved to be stable and reliable, and it's currently being used in a production system with 20 agents answering about 500 calls per day.

About the author:

AsteriskMonitor has been enterely designed and developed by Roger de la Fuente (rdelafuente a_t
Currently, the AsteriskMonitor, AsteriskJavaStat and AsteriskJavaEye name are owned by TICOP (, an Asterisk-Developing Company from SPAIN, and the source-codes are released under the GPL license. The program can be used for free if you just keep a link to our website in the main visual screen of any software using our's.

Help needed

To continue improving AsteriskMonitor, and make it more flexible and powerful, we've decided to release it under the GPL license and let it grow by its own. So now we're looking for java developers interested in improving a tool like AsteriskMonitor for its own profit. We're opening a Source-Forge project and starting an independent developer team to mantain and improve AsteriskMonitor.

If you are interested in our project, and you feel like you can help the community and yourself, please write an email to rdelafuente a_t ticop d0t com
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