AsteriskWin32 - Asterisk on Windows

AsteriskWin32 is port of Asterisk to Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. Built under Cygwin, it runs in both a console mode and as a GUI. You can now easily install and run Asterisk on your computer!

Hardware support:
  • FX ... channel : FXO/FXS boards support: X100P & Clones.
  • TAPI channel : supports TAPI compatible, full duplex & half duplex devices (most voice modem devices).
  • CAPI channel : ISDN device CAPI compatible & ISDN Router (with RCAPI support).
  • CELLIAX channel : GSM & CMDA Cellular Phone (via soundcard or Bluetooth USB dongle).

Version 0.66 - released on 02/01/2007 - based on Asterisk
Version 0.60 - released on 01/02/2007 - based on Asterisk 1.2.14
Version 0.56 - released on 01/19/2006
Version 0.52 - released on 04/19/2005
Version 0.51 - Created by Patrick Deruel <>

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