AudioCodes MP118

AudioCodes 8 Port FXS Analog Gateway

The MediaPack 112, 114, and 118 are based on AudioCodes' field-proven and best-of-breed VoIP technology. Featuring 2, 4, or 8 analog ports, the gateways connect analog terminals, PBXs or key systems to the IP network using FXS connectivity. Compliant with multiple protocols including SIP, H.323, MGCP and MEGACO, the Analog Media Gateways enable flexible deployment and interoperability for the evolving next generation networks.

How does it work?
Audiocodes offers "carrier-grade" analog SIP gateways that integrate nicely with SIP based IP Communications platfroms such as Asterisk Open Source PBX. Audiocodes gateways are available in port densities of 2, 4, 8 and 24 ports, both FXO (for connecting analog POTS lines) and FXS (for connecting analog devices such as phones or fax machines) to an IP network. Audiocodes gateways are also userful for connecting PBXs or key systems to the IP network using FXO or FXS connectivity.

The Audiocodes MediaPack MP-118-FXS is a 8 port FXS gateway. You can plug in up to 8 analog devices, such as traditional analog telephones or fax machines into this gateway, and convert these devices to allow connectivity to an IP network.

  • Voice Ports
o MP-112: 2 FXS ports
o MP-114: 4 FXS ports
o MP-118: 8 FXS ports
  • Telephone Interfaces
o RJ11
  • Life Line
o Automatic cut thru of a single analog line in case of power failure.
  • Network Interface
o Single 10/100 Base-T, RJ45
  • Indicators
o Channel Status
o Activity LEDs.

Voice, Fax, Modem

  • Voice over Packet Capabilities
o G.168-2002 compliant Echo Cancellation
o Dynamic Programmable Jitter Buffer
o Modem Detection
o Auto Switch to PCM
  • Voice Compression
o G.711
o G.723.1
o G.726
o G.729A
  • Fax over IP
o T.38 compliant
o Group 3 fax relay up to 14.4 kbps with automatic switching to PCM or ADPCM
  • QoS
o Diffserv
o 802.1 P/Q VLAN tagging
  • IP Transport
o RTP/RTCP per IETF RFC 3550 and 3551


  • Signaling
o FXS Loop-start
  • In-band Signalling
o DTMF (TIA 464B)
o User defined call progress tones
  • Control
o MGCP (RFC 2705)
o H.323 (v4)
o SIP (RFC 3261)
  • Provisioning
o BootP, DHCP, FTP, TFTP, and HTTP for software and configuration download
o Remote management using web browser
o EMS (Element Management System)
o Syslog support
o RS-232 for basic configuration


  • Media
  • Control
o H.235
  • Management
o Access List

Where to buy

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