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Database Systems Corp. provides a complete line of computer telephony phone systems and software including several series of phone systems with autodialer features.

The WIZARD and PACER phone systems are state-of-the-art autodialers that handle inbound and outbound phone calls for small to large call centers. The WIZARD phone system is our entry level analog autodialer while the PACER autodialer supports digital phone lines. VOIP support is currently available through a gateway, but soon to be available directly using Aculab technology.

Calls are either initiated by the phone system or accepted from the outside and distributed in an intelligent fashion to your service agents using ACD systems. Developed with industry standard components (Dialogic, Intel, and Windows), the PACER phone system has features and functions that can only be found in large scale PBX’s, but at a fraction of the cost.

These advanced phone systems have predictive dialer capability that cannot be found in most of these larger phone systems. With the optional IVR systems available with the PACER and WIZARD phone systems, callers can perform self-help functions without speaking with your agents by making simple selections using the keypad on their phone sets.

Autodialer Techniques

  • Voice Broadcasting delivers a pre-recorded voice broadcasting message to live answers and answering machines. If another call status is detected (busy, etc.), the phone systems can reschedule the call for a later time. Simple messages can be delivered or the call recipient can be presented with an IVR script that accepts touch phone responses.

  • Preview Dialer allows a phone agents to view the call information prior to the call being placed. The agent can decide not to initiate the call.

  • Progressive Dialing passes the call information to the agent at the same time the number is being dialed by the phone dialer. The agent usually has a few seconds to view the call information, but cannot stop the call process.

  • Predictive Dialer is more sophisticated because the phone dialer automatically calls several numbers and only passes a call to an agent when a person has been contacted. This eliminates busy signals, answering machines, etc.

  • Smart Predictive Dialers places calls, plays recorded messages and prompts, and passes the calls to agents only when the called individual requests a contact. "

Autodialers and Remote Agents

One of the most important benefits of today's telecom improvements is the ability for telephone representatives to work from home. Database Systems Corp. has developed a family of communications products that promote this capability. The PACER autodialer, combined with our CRM software and computer telephony products, fully support work-at-home employees, better known as Remote Agents.

Because of this technological feature, the modern call center workforce can be significantly expanded with the addition of work at home employees including individuals with handicaps as well as work-from-home Moms. In addition, the economic savings and environmental advantages are significant.


Autodialer Demonstration

Database Systems Corp. has prepared a full length presentation of our PACER auto dialers and softphone software that you can easily download and view. Included in this presentation are several different predictive dialer and phone broadcast campaign demonstrations along with an explanation of our CTI capability with online reports. This presentation includes PACER's robust features plus a tutorial on its predictive dialer. Also included is a presentation on remote agents and web integration. Simply click Autodialer Demo to start the download process of our demo.

DSC also offers a FREE autodialer software simulation service that helps estimate the size of an autodialer based upon campaign requirements.

Other Products and Services

Database Systems Corp. offers a wide range of CTI products and services for businesses and call centers. The following are just a few of these products:

Call Center Reports

DSC offers complete online reporting with its products and services. The following call reports demonstrate the reporting capability provided by Database Systems Corp.

Contact Database Systems Corp.

Contact DSC at (602) 265-5968 or use the following Contact Form.

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