Automatic Call Distributor

Automatic Call Distributors

Automatic Call Distribution or ACD, is a tool commonly used in the telephony industry. ACD systems are commonly found in any office that handles a large volume of inbound calls. The primary purpose of an Automatic Call Distributor is to disperse incoming calls to contact center agents or employees with specific skills.

The ACD system utilizes a rule based routing strategy, based on a set of instructions that dictates how inbound calls are handled and directed. These rules are often simply based on guiding a caller to any agent as fast as possible, but commonly multiple variables are added, all with the end goal of finding out why the customer is calling. Matching and routing literally thousands of calls to the correct agent is a difficult task, and is often done in concert with Interactive Voice Response and Computer Telephony systems. ACD servers can cost anywhere between a few thousand dollars to close to millions of dollars for a very large call center handling thousands of calls per day.

Automatic Call Distributor Vendors

  • Contact Center Solution. Suited best to all contact centers, Contact Center solution offered by Ecosmob is intelligent, robust and secure. The system is feature-rich catering numerous benefits to its users. Contact Center software is developed for inbound, outbound and blended call centers. With the help of this software, users can build loyalty and exceed customer expectations. Url: , 1-303-997-3139

  • Freevoice Call Center. On Demand Hosted Contact Center with ACD, Queues, Reports and More. Live US support makes it easy to setup and manage without on staff IT personnel. No contracts, per user, or per feature costs. Simply low cost calling usage as needed. Toll Free Calling start at 2.9¢ per minute and goes lower on volume. Advanced API for CRM integration. Custom features written to your specific needs. 800-700-3040

  • Dialer360 automatic call distributor is going to provide your call center an ease to distribute your calls according to your customer’s demand to the agents automatically. It saves your time and money both. You can call us at (+1) 6467571041 (+44) 2037696777 OR Email at

  • Contact Center Solution Contact Center software has been mainly designed to fulfill the needs of contact centers. It’s a web based contact center which makes it stand out from the crowd. The software offers robustness, security, reliability and scalability. Contact Center software has been integrated with state-of-the-art features that help users build loyalty and exceed customer expectations. It ensures that your customers have the best experience possible. The software offers many advantages to its users. Contact center software is an ideal choice for inbound, outbound and blended call centers.

  • Convoso end-to-end call center software brings with it an automatic call distributor that is guaranteed to raise efficiency and productivity within your call center. Convoso's ACD saves you money while giving you the piece of mind that your customers will always be directed into the right hands.

  • AirPhone from Vocalcom is new breed of Call Center Software an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) application to support call center operations. Better features, better conversations, happier customers. What makes Vocalcom customer contact technology stand out is that in addition to making omnichannel customer interactions management simple, it comes with boundless customization. This award-winning call center software enables businesses to drive a more effective sales team, and create effortless omnichannel customer experiences, journeys, and relationships. It provides full visibility and valuable context in the customer journey across all touchpoints, channels and interactions, to help companies engage their customers while delivering transformative business results. Spanning 128 countries and six continents, Vocalcom is trusted by more than 3,700 customers to orchestrate over 10 billion customer interactions per year in the cloud and on premises with the lowest effort. For more information visit vocalcom at
  • Asteria Solutions Group offers Insight Call Center Suite an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) application to support call center operations. Insight supports local and remote agents, agent registration to one or many call queues, various call routing strategies, skills based call routing, queue prioritization, and call escalation strategies. Interactive voice response (IVR) may be configured to collect additional information to assist agents in efficiently fielding calls. Invision is a real time wall board application for call center rooms.
  • Autom8 Enterprise Automated predictive dialer from Autom8 Group that is fully Omni Channel, communicate with your customers using Email, SMS, Webchat and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google) making this truly a solution for the future.
  • Avatar Dialler Avatar dialer, avatar auto dialer, call center software, call center dialer, contact center software, contact center dialer
  • Bright Pattern leading provider of multichannel cloud contact center software features multichannel ACD for automatically distributing calls, emails, and text messaging, with multiple sessions and media overrides
  • Automatic call Distributor,Intelligent IVR routing,Call back/SMS service
  • Vocalcom Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) provides a great interface for a swift and effortless experience. Customers can be routed based on Visual IVR selections, customer data, value or history, agent skills or availablility, and much more. By adopting a data-driven routing, you can increase first contact resolution by 70%, and reduce average handle time from 53 seconds – providing more satisfaction, better engagement and a faster resolution for customers. In addition, Vocalcom Vitual Hold can remove hold time by giving to customers the option to receive an agent callback when their position arrives to the front of the queue, eliminating hold time, reducing abandonment, smoothing out call spikes, and giving customers back what they value most – their time. Furthermore, Vocalcom Agent Console provides agents with the tools and information they need to excel by offering an intuitive interface that links customer context from different channels and pushes dynamic guidance to agents. Using this technology, call centers can improve agent productivity, while driving up customer satisfaction and loyalty. Reach us on

  • 3CLogic Cloud-Based Contact Center Software 3CLogic is a leading provider of cloud contact center solutions based on an innovative approach, designed to deliver modern-day contact center features to meet the challenges of a modern world. With 3CLogic's ACD functionality, you can set, manage, and adjust call priorities to automatically ensure the most urgent inquiries are always answered first.
  • ICTBroadcast Automatic Call Distributor: Is a Unified automatic call distribution software solution from ICT Innovations . Feature- unifed Auto Dialing, Custom IVR Designer ,Survey Campaign , SMS blasting & marketing , Fax blasting , Voice blasting ,AMD supported, Email marketing, Basic Call Center Funcationality and appointment reminder software solution.
  • Virtual Phone Number IVR GURU providing ivr service for call center to automatic distribute call to multiple number and we louche new DND software to filter data.
  • Voicent ACD Software is designed to be configurable to the user. We offer default 'round robbin' call distributions, to the more advanced 'rule & skill based' transfers. Voicent is the leading provider of the Managed Call Center Software.
  • DooxSwitch DooxSwitch provides one of the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art cloud-based call centre software solutions.
  • Five9 ACD Software is designed so that any business user can configure it, yet it has all the sophisticated routing features any enterprise requires. Five9 is the leading provider of cloud contact center software.
  • Foehn - We are the experts in IP Communications with over 12 years of successful deployment of Asterisk and open source technology solutions. Our ACDs include skills based routing and sophisticated operator productivity algorithms.
  • AVOXI Provider of ACD /Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Skills-Based Call Routing.
  • CallForwarding - Be present anywhere in the world with toll free forwarding services from - Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call Forwarding Services, Automatic Call Distributor
  • VadaXchange for Call Centres & Contact Centres In addition to Asterisk based ACD, VadaXchange Buddy provides full call centre agent and manager experience. It allows call centre agents to easily log in and out of the queues and see who else is in the queue. It also allows managers to monitor the performance of their agents on-line in real time, wherever they may be situated.
  • Convox: ACD Solution by Deepija Telecom Pvt. Ltd. Feature- Auto Dialing, IVRS,CTI Integration, Vtiger Integration, Voice Broadcasting, Lead management.
  • UCN has established itself as a leader in the telephony industry by providing hosted telephony services, that match their traditional counter parts in quality, but that can be attained at a fraction of the cost. UCN has a myriad of contact center tools, including IVR, Automatic Call Distributors, & Computer Telephony solutions. If you're looking for a comprehensive solution, you may want to consider UCN's Hosted Contact Center solution inContact, which includes Hosted ACD Software by UCN, Computer Telephony Integration, Hosted IVR Software, Workforce Management Software & numerous other Hosted Call Center solutions.
  • Database Systems Corp. ACD - Integrated ACD Software and IVR software plus IVR and voice broadcast phone systems. Features include sophisticated skills based routing. Virtual ACD from Database Systems Corp. includes call routing to remote agents
  • ZONE Limited Cloud-based call center solution featuring ACD, IVR, HK/CHINA DID, voice recording, agent monitoring, call center statistics (queue time, abandon, ring no answer, etc).
  • Maximise Cloud Contact Center from Magnetic North is an award winning true cloud solution for inbound, outbound or fully blended operations. Inbound features include skill based routing, intelligent call queuing, advanced IVR, agent scripting tools and more. Please contact us for more information or a free demo.
  • Auto dialer is a software, hardware tool that will dial many more numbers for you in less time than manual dialing. provides easy to understand call center solutions based on your requirements. Hosted dialer
  • Q-Suite Call Center ACD offers one of the most advanced acd solutions for Asterisk based Cloud and Premise based contact centers.
  • VitalVox offers a robust hosted contact center solution that aims to simplify call center operations. Inbound call center operations will appreciate VitalVox’s powerful and flexible ACD which provides Skills Based Routing, Queue Prioritization, Virtual/Personal Queues, Agent Hot-Desking and Customizable IVR.
  • VoipTiger offers a fully featured Free Cloud PBX with great quality/price call rates. SIP-trunking, Call center features, Numbers (DID's) in 53 countries. Hardware is configured automatically. Hardware: Yealink, Jabra, AVM, Grandstream.
  • Cloud ICTinnovations Cloud ICTinnovations offer Open Source Telecommunication Applications On One Platform.We provide Voice broadcasting,SMS broadcasting,Fax broadcasting autodialer hosted solution.
  • Call4smile is a hosted unified broadcasting service that offers Voice, SMS and Fax broadcasting online.
  • ICTVision ICTVision is a leading service and solution provider in telecommunication sector offering different types of voice broadcasting campaigns, fax blasting, SMS marketing solution provider
  • Prologix Systems - Predictive Dialer + VoIP Minutes - Predictive Dialer + VoIP Minutes.Cloud Based Dialer Solutions, CRM Solutions, SMS EMAIL Integration, IVR Systems, Domestic PRI Based Center, Domestic Call Center Solutions,IP-PBX Solutions, Asterisk Based Solutions, Bulk VoIP Termination. Various models for Dialer and VoIP as per your requirement. Contact: - Neelam Jain,Prologix Systems, Message Me: - prologix.sales @ Gtalk, Skype. +91-7073214443.
  • Neurotec Tecnologia S.A.S Predictive Dialer, Freeswitch Based Solutions, VOIP Marketing, SMS Marketing solutions provider.
  • Airson Telecom - Virtual IVR + Dialer - IVR, Click to Call, Conference Solutions, CRM, SMS & Email Solution, Bulk SMS, Android Mobile Dialer, Desktop Based USB Device Dialer, Telemarketing Solutions. Contact: - Mamta Soni, Airson Telecom Pvt. Ltd.,, Message/Call Me+91-9529929069.

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