Avaya 4602 configuration

How to Configure an Avaya 4602

First Step, Updating Firmware

  • Go to Avaya's website and download the latest SIP firmware. http://support.avaya.com/japple/css/japple?PAGE=ProductArea&temp.productID=107755&temp.bucketID=108025
    • If you are using the phone with Asterisk, download the file with the 46xxSIP prefix
    • Avaya also has a TFTP server available for download
    • Also, make sure you download the 46xxsettings.txt file. The phone will request this file. Only the first two fields in the file apply to the 4602
  • Upack the files into a directory and point the TFTP server to that directory.
    • When the phone boots, it will contact the TFTP server and request the 46xxupgrade.scr and start the upgrade process.
    • After the initial upgrade process is conpleted, it will request configuration and additional update files from an HTTP server.
  • Turn on the phone.
    • The phone will download 3 different update files and will reboot 3 times.

Each time the phone boots, it will request 2 configuration files. sip_4602D01A.txt and sip_<mac address>.txt. These files can contain all of the configuration information the phone needs to connect with an Asterisk server. It should also be noted that the mac address specific configuration file overrides the model specific configuration file.

Configuring an Avaya 4602 With Text Files

  • Before you do an upgrade to the phone, the phone will request update and configuration files from a TFTP server.
  • After you finish upgrading the phone, it will request configuration files from an HTTP server.
  • On boot, the first configuration file the phone requests will be a model specific text file. Mine requested sip_4602D01A.txt. This text file should contain at very least the name of the application and boot firmware files. If the name of the firmware file is different in the configuration file than in the phone then the phone will request the new firmware file.
    • This is an issue for people updating from the two July firmware releases from Avaya. They have the same file names and therefore if you attempt to upgrade first to the earlier firmware and then to the one released later, the phone will not request the new firmware file. You will have to rename the newer firmware file and then edit the sip_4602D01A.txt configuration file to reflect the new firmware file names.
  • The next file the phone requests, assuming you are not updating firmware, will be the sip_<mac address>.txt. This configuration file has the exact same format and settings as the sip_4602D01A.txt file. This file also overrides the configuration settings contained in the sip_4602D01A.txt file.

Configuring the Phone Via a Web Browser

  • NOTE: The configuration files override and settings made through a web browser
  • Open a web browser and enter in the phone's ip address
    • The default username is admin and the default password is barney.

Configuring SIP

  • The Avaya 4602 does NOT support STUN.
  • Configuring the Avaya 4602 for SIP is pretty straight forward.


My phone hangs at "Contacting HTTP Server" while performing a firmware update

Either your phone cannot download the sip_4602D01A.txt file (in which case it will request an appsip.ebin application file) or it cannot download the correct boot and application firmware files.

My phone fails to register with Asterisk

This can be caused by a NULL or otherwise invalid entry in the SIP Proxy field. Other NULL entries could also possibly trigger this. Run sip debug and if you see several registration requests to confirm that this is the issue.

My phone registers with asterisk, but when I dial it does not send the commands to Asterisk

When configuring the phone and NOT using a proxy, you must put the address of the Asterisk server in the SIP Proxy field or it will be unable to dial.
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