Bell System Practice refers to the methods established by the American Telephone and Telegraph company between around 1900 and 1983. Standard terminology, well-designed tools and advanced components, and a unique business model helped establish the Bell System as the technological leader in telephony worldwide. The financial returns funded the development of such advances as the condenser microphone, the transistor, microwave and satellite transmission, digital carrier and fiber optics at Bell Labs. AT&T President Theodore Vail's slogan "One system, one policy, universal service" was shorthand to mean the consolidation of many non-interconnected telephone companies using incompatible technology under one monopoly. While the socio-economic aspect may be characterized as anything from an abusive monopoly to rampant socialism, the technical approach drove many of the most significant scientific and engineering advances of the 20th century.

Bell System Practices refers to individual Practices or the entire indexed manual of instructions covering every aspect of planning, building, operating, maintaining and repair of the telephone system from end to end, including BSP 770-130-301 on the procedure for sweeping floors. Very few "complete" sets of BSPs exist, and few are available on the net, because they are still covered by copyright and proprietary restrictions of AT&T.
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