Bring Your Own Device - BYOD

The practice of some VoIP Service Providers to allow you to supply your own equipment.
Other providers insist on supplying equipment, which usually is hobbled so it only works
with one service provider. When you use your own unlocked device, you have a choice to place calls to different destinations using different providers to get the lowest call rate.

A list of BYOD VOIP providers

Please keep in alphabetical order and by country.
Provider Country Activation Monthly price SIP IAX Multiple VOIP accounts (see notes)
Axvoice USA0 PAYG Yes Yes Yes
VoIPGate Netherlands0 €2.50 Yes Yes No
VoIPPlanet Netherlands0 €2.50 Yes No No
BroadVoiceUSA $39.95 $9.45+ YesNoUnknown
CallcentricUSA 0 PAYG Yes No No
CallWithUs USA 0 PAYG Yes No Yes
DialDigit USA $10.95 $9.95+ Yes No ?
Flowroute Inc. (Free Trial) USA / CAN $35.00 Deposit PAYG Yes No Yes
FonoSIP USA 0 PAYG Yes No Yes
Future Nine Corporation USA 0 PAYG Yes No Yes
grnVoIP USA 0 PAYG Yes No Yes
iconnecthere USA0 6.99+ Yes No ?
MaxiSIP Netherlands 0 PAYG Yes No Yes
Viatalk USA$0 when not buying an ATA (BYOD plan) 9.99+ Yes No ?
Voicepulse Connect for Asterisk (Free Trial) USA$50 minimum (deposit, not fee) PAYG Yes No No
Link2Voip USA$50 minimum (deposit, not fee) PAYG Yes No Yes
VoIP User UK0 0 Yes Yes Yes
VoIP Innovations USAlow minimum PAYG Yes No Yes
Beneffy Telecom USA0 PAYG Yes No Yes


  • "Multiple VOIP accounts" column - the ability to connect and use several VOIP devices at the same time, all charges are applied to the same user's account. Put "Yes" or "No". It is not a number of DID channels or simultaneous calls.
  • VP Connect "$50 minimum" is not an activation fee, but the minimum deposit to open an account.
  • BroadVoice charges $39.95 service termination fee.
  • VoIP Gate, Monthly price is based on the number of DID. No DID no monthly fee, per DID 2.50 euro/month

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