Be IP is focused on bringing IP Telephony solutions based on open standards and Open Source technologies.

The company was founded by Voice over IP pioneers who are recognized in the Open Source world for their achievements.

Be IP is part of the European TELKEA group whose key members are Téléphonie Luxembourg, Quantum ICT, Netline and Riviera Telecom.

Be IP is positioned as a key player in the Open Source development world, as well as in the deployment of open IP telephony solutions.


Be IP was founded in 2008 after Quantum ICT, part of the European TELKEA group, finalized the acquisition of NOVACOM.

The R&D department of NOVACOM had been created in 2003 within the MULTITEL Research Centre which was founded by the “Faculté Polytechnique de Mons”.

The product suite developed by NOVACOM was first marketed in 2006. The first big deployments based on the NOVACOM products happened this year.
NOVACOM was the first European company to deploy open IP Telephony solutions for companies with more than 1 000 seats.

Today, Be IP faces new major challenges. This will be facilitated thanks to its strong technical experience and to the spread of the TELKEA group.

Be IP will also keep enforcing its three fundamental principles:

• Bringing a reliable solution
• Bringing a simple solution
• Bringing an innovative solution

Simplicity and Efficiency

Be IP develops its own IP communication systems.

We distribute full-featured IP telephony solutions, either through direct sales or through our qualified partners network.

Thanks to the high quality of our R&D team and the complete mastership of the products we conceive, we can design together with you the perfect solution to suit your needs.

If you wish a simple, reliable, innovative and economical solution, then the LIBERTY Communication Server is the product you need.

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