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Bicom Systems provides the Communicating World with the most Complete Turnkey Communication Systems available by Creating, Unifying and Supporting the Most Advanced of Current Technologies.


Bicom Systems Ltd. was founded in 2005 to exploit its PBXware product.
PBXware was the first Commercial Turnkey Telephony System to use Open Source software including Asterisk.

Among the first customers to use PBXware was Redhat. The business model of Bicom Systems does hold similarities to Redhat in the manner by which it wraps Open Source software in a professional and charge for model, warranted to work.

In 2008 Bicom Systems delivered a custom built conferencing solution to NASA to facilitate the holding of scientific study groups such as the Inter Planetary Conference.

In 2009 Bicom Systems launched its Multi-Tenant Edition of PBXware.

In 2010 Bicom Systems began a relationship with NEC to provide a hosted Telephony Platform to businesses across Australia.

Bicom Systems published How to Grow an ITSP.


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