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In September of 2004 Bicom Systems launched its VoIP PBX PBXware software - a VOIP PBX Software System - in order to provide SMBs, enterprises, and governments worldwide with turnkey solutions that take account of clients’ exact needs within a very cost-effective framework.

A VoIP PBX is similar to a traditional Private Box Exchange (PBX) except it provides service over the internet rather than using PSTN. This is also known as an IP PBX. VoIP Software relies on the Internet to transmit voice over an IP connection rather than a traditional phone system. VoIP Systems offer a more streamlined and less expensive alternative to traditional systems that require hardware and PSTN lines.

Bicom Systems' VoIP PBX System - PBXware - is a cost-saving VoIP Software that unifies the most advanced of latest technologies to offer a flexible, reliable, and scalable VoIP Software to customers. PBXware is available in three editions: Multi-Tenant VoIP PBX, Business VoIP PBX, and Call Center VoIP PBX.

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