Is your Billing System keeping up with your business ?

Telecom operators around the world are struggling with outdated billing systems that are
difficult to operate and unsuitable for handling new technologies and complex products
introduced in recent years. This dilemma is leading operators to reassess their business
strategies and upgrade to advanced, flexible billing solutions that will help them gain a prime
position in the market.

Smart Billing solution for Big Data: Open, Simple, Effective

BillRun™ is a unique, affordable billing solution that provides real-time high-performance
convergent rating and charging, designed to handle billions of event records monthly and to
increase revenues in telecom companies of any size.
Remarkably flexible, BillRun™ includes a sophisticated rating engine that incorporates data
from various sources, such as calls, text messages, data usage and M2M/IoT into the billing
process, enabling easy customization and personalization according to specific business
needs, and seamless integration with any CRM system.
BillRun™ can either be installed on customer premises, or accessed through the cloud as
BillRun as a Service, designed to address the needs of both early-stage operators from their
inception, and large scale, mature organizations.

Cutting-Edge Technology

BillRun’s advanced architecture utilizes state-of-the-art technologies, including mongoDB, a no-SQL
schema-less database which provides effective storage of big-data, while accommodating fast scaling
and unlimited linear expansion without compromising performance. The system also utilizes YAF PHP
Framework and Zend Framework toolbox, Angular.JS and Erlang, all licensed under AGPL-3 open-source
technology. The system’s dynamic architecture provides the option of expansion, without overriding the
core of the billing engine for backward and forward compatibility, and new features can be added
quickly and seamlessly.

Why Open Source Billing ?

Open-source systems are intentionally designed without a vendor lock, granting clients affordable and
flexible usage rights. Upon purchasing copyrights, customers may choose to customize such products
to address specific business needs, or apply modifications for interfacing with other systems. Coupled
with big-data and scale-out technologies, BillRun addresses customer and business needs in diverse
industries such as transportation, e-commerce, healthcare and many others.

Select the right Billing solution for you

BillRun’s open-source feature-rich billing is available both in Enterprise and in Community versions.
Both versions are identical, except for the fact that the Enterprise version offers more functionality.
More details about these versions can be found here.

BillRun has developed few complementing products for telecommunications operators such as BillRun as a Service (BRaaS), Number Portability Gateway (NPG), Revenue Assurance and Fraud Detection.

Open-source billing designed for big data

Here are the latest articles you can read about BillRun. These and many other can be found in the BillRun Blog :

- BillRun Online Charging System (OCS)
- BillRun Fraud Detection
- BillRun discount management module
- BillRun Debt Collection module

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