Billion PBX


Billion PBX is the SIP-based IP-PBX developed by ProfInfoTech.

Official websites

Supported operating systems

  • GNU/Linux
  • Windows

Main features:

  • Subscribers registration by SIP Registrar and RAS protocols,
  • Call routing by SIP and H.323,
  • Call authorization,
  • Additional call features: call forwarding, voicemail, call hold, group call, ringback tone,
  • Callback,
  • Subscriber self-service,
  • Call Data Records (CDR),
  • Embedded rating and billing,
  • Integration with external billing system,
  • NAT traversal,
  • IVR,
  • Report generation.


  • Easy installation and maintenance,
  • Flexible licensing
  • Various operating system support (Microsoft Windows, Linux, FreeBSD),
  • Administrative web-interface,
  • Log maintenatnce with different levels.

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