BlastarQ is actually a queue system that will help you to protect your business against peaks of traffic, distributing the contact volume in your contact center when the number of incoming calls exceeds the number of agents available answering calls.

BlastarQ uses Scheduled return to the queue: The caller calling in at a peak time is notified of a relatively long wait time (configurable) to reach an agent; based on the current load, BlastarQ estimates the time at which a free agent will be available and kindly ask the caller to hang up and call again at the estimated time.

Vivia Servicios Interactivos are now offering a free version of BlastarQ for those companies with only one agent (SMB with a single phone line/agent); see details on how to download and install at the end of this page.

What are the main characteristics of BlastarQ?

  • Scalability - There are no limits for (BlastarQ)

  • Configurable - Easy configuration through a intuitive web interface

  • Multiple queues capable - BlastarQ can be configured to handle more than one queue accessible through different access numbers

  • Time dependendant behaviours - Behaviour of every queue can be configured on a time basis

  • Integration with different platforms - BlastarQ has been developed as an AGI application to work with asterisk but having in mind that it should be easily integrated with any platform other that asterisk

Why should I use BlastarQ?

  • Benefits for the company

    • Lowering the call abandon rate

    • Resource optimization: more attended calls with the same agents

    • Expenses reduction through resource optimization

    • Quality of Service improvement

    • Improve company's perception

  • Benefits for clients

    • No need to spend time on the phone waiting for an agent

    • Better chance to be attended

  • Benefits for agents

    • No peaks and busy hour; calls are distributed along working hours

    • No displease clients calling

Evaluating BlastarQ performance


  • Test conditions

    • 30 agents attending 1 call each

    • 90 phone lines to receive calls

    • 5 call attempts per second along 90 minutes (27,000 call attempts)

    • Average duration of attended calls: 120 seconds

    • Assumption: Callers keep waiting on phone until attended by an agent

  • Test results with BlastarQ

    • 1,315 calls attended by agents during those 90 minutes

    • In addition, 12,400 calls have been scheduled

    • Average waiting time on queue: 29.81 seconds

    • 1,176 of those 1,315 calls attended by agents have had to wait for less that 60 seconds on the queue

    • Maximum waiting time on queue: 100 seconds

  • Test results with standard queue system (NO BlastarQ)

    • 1,350 calls attended by agents during those 90 minutes

    • Average waiting time on queue: 240 seconds

    • 25,650 call attempts have been rejected because no lines were available


Installation procedure

  • Install and configure BlastarQ

    • Execute the following as root:

            ''cd /; tar xvfz [PATH_TO_COLAS_SERVICE]/colas.tar.gz''

    • Add the following variables to your environment:

            ''export GEM_HOME=/root/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8''
            ''export RUBYLIB=/root/local/lib:/root/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/crypt-1.1.4:/root/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/sys-host-0.6.1/ext''
            ''export PATH=$PATH:/root/local/bin''

and make those changes permanent by adding those three lines to .bashrc

    • Create a mysql (sorry, but postgre or any other database will not work at this time) database with the name of your choice and execute the following command to create the needed tables:

cd /root/colas
mysql -u<user_name> -p<password> <database_name> < create_tables.sql

    • Change /root/colas/config/database.yml contents according to your configuration

    • Now you can use the following commands to manage the BlastarQ service:


  • ''Install and configure the User Interface'

    • (Assuming you have already installed Apache, php5 and MySQL module for php5 into your BlastarQ server) extract the downloaded file to your Apache DocumentRoot directory

    • If needed, adjust MySQL host name, user name, password and database in the following files: config_modos.php, configuracion.php, globals.php

    • Point your favourite web browser to http://<web_path>/colas.html and start browsing and configuring your BlastarQ system

  • ''Configure asterisk to work with BlastarQ'

    • Download Spanish announcements or English announcements (coming soon); extract the file under the asterisk announcements folder (e.g. /var/lib/asterisk/sounds), and a new folder named colas should be created containing the announcements used by BlastarQ

    • If you are planning create a queue with name <queue_name> inside your BlastarQ and use an access number (e.g. 800123123) to reach that queue, change the contexts you wish to be affected in your /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf file to the following:

exten => 800123123,1,DeadAGI(agi://<ip_address>/<queue_name>)
exten => 800123123,n,Hangup

Where <queue_name> is the name of the queue you are going to create and <ip_address> is the IP address of the BlastarQ server running the colas application

More about BlastarQ

If you like BlastarQ but need to purchase a license for more than one agent, do not hesitate to contact us through our sales department for information about pricing and other conditions.

Visit Vivia Servicios Interactivos for more information, or e-mail us to

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