Blended Call Center

A blended call center makes outgoing and takes incoming phone calls. A blended call center is capable of both inbound and outbound call operations.

Larger call centers divide the labor between inbound and outbound agents. Smaller call centers do not have the staff to manage calls individually, and must handle both types. In a blended call center, calls are prioritized so outbound agents can handle overflow from inbound agents if need be.

The key to blended call center operation is the mix of automatic call distribution and predictive dialing in the telephony system. ACD selects agents to answer incoming calls while predictive dialing connects agents only to phone numbers that answer a simultaneous call.

A blended call center with the above technology reduces the amount of idle time each agent experiences. In other words, a blended call center with a distribution system can raise agent productivity.

However, there is debate in the telecommunications industry over the true benefit of blended call centers. For example, outbound call management software differs from inbound and must be managed on separate business lines. Blended call centers requires software that can provide reports on both inbound and outbound calls, and prioritize agents to inbound and outbound calls according to their skill.[1]

If a blended call center also communicates via email, chat, or web interface, it is a blended contact center.

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