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Introducing the HYBRID Phone System

Bluestone Telecommunications
Bluestone has taken a completely fresh idea to the deployment on enterprise VoIP, delivering a solution that overcomes the limitations of both the today's deployment approaches:
  • Cloud Hosted
    • Highly problematic to install correctly
    • Many MSPs are not familiar with how to prioritize voice over data, have SIP correctly navigate firewalls etc.
    • Result choppy voice and an unreliable connection.
  • On Premise
    • Deployment generally much easier that hosted BUT
    • Phone system is dead if the Internet connection fails.

Whichever approach you choose you will need to made some type of compromise.

A Better Approach

The HYBRID solution solves these limitations by
  • From a high level description compilers generate configuration data for
    • An on premise server.
    • A cloud fallback server.

The on premise server is both:
  • The primary provider of service AND
  • Contains all of the smarts needed to install itself and VoIP correctly.
    • Analyzes the customer's WAN connection and automatically provides the correct traffic shaping.
    • Implements voice over data prioritization automatically.

The bottom line is a fast, simple installation that is guaranteed to offer the best possible performance every time PLUS should the Internet connection or the on-prem server fail calls are automatically handled by the cloud based fallback server so The Call Always Goes Through!


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