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Bluestone Enterprise Class Hosted Phone System

Bluestone Telecommunications, Inc is a hosted enterprise PBX services provider that has invested heavily in how to leverage cloud computing for improved service delivery. We have created a nationwide network of data centers on various backbone providers networks, with the objective of dynamically finding a route from a customer's site to our infrastructure that minimises packet delay and jitter, and thus improves call quality.

QOS measurement and route optimization makes all the difference.

Practical experience demonstrates that the impact is often dramatic and "the last mile", despite the common wisdom, is not at the root of many companies poor VoIP quality. A practical example is given below and more details are here.


Notice that while keeping the site and last mile connectivity the same, modifying routing to different server locations has a major impact on delivered call quality. The red arrows show intervals where packet jitter caused call quality to go below acceptable levels. Furthermore the customer in this example was only 10 miles from our Albany data center and yet the best performance by far was delivered by our Washington DC facility. We have ample evidence that demonstrates call route optimization is a critical requirement of being able to provide high quality services to customers nationally.

Given the voice quality, is all about the apps.

The service supports the usual array of phone features, hunt groups, IVRs etc. It also enables the Polycom phone family of phones to be programmed with multiple extensions numbers per phone, different ring tones and personal as well as company wide directories.

There is support for ACD queues, call centers, call recording, call review and two levels of custom scripting. The CDR databases are available as an SQL service, as well as being accessible by an integrated browser.

If the application you need is not available the company will also undertake custom development which is quoted on an engineering time basis.


The company can deliver its services with your branding given volume requirements are met.
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