VOIP to PSTN service provider

Unlimited inbound calls, most features included. Online ordering of incoming phone numbers, and an excellent account portal/voicemail interface. Supports generic hardware, without locking you into their equipment.

Rate plans
$5.95+$5.47 per month - Bring your own device plan (unlimited incoming/100 outgoing)
$9.95+$5.47 per month for unlimited in-state outbound calling (personal account)
$19.95+5.47 per month for Unlimited World outbound calling - unlimited calling to 21 countries including the United States
$24.95+$5.47 per month for Unlimited World PLUS Plan
$29.95+$5.47 per month for unlimited nationwide (US) outbound calling (Business account)
$34.95+$5.47 per month for unlimited nationwide (US) outbound and Video to other Ojo phones

Note the charges above do not include the $39.95 activation fee broadvoice charges on all accounts.

Broadvoice does not currently support out of band DTMF. Some users have reported the ability to use g726-32, however that cannot be used with inband dtmf. Call Broadvoice at 978-418-7300 and let them know what you want. They are VERY customer responsive.
They do not advertise it, but they support G729 for outgoing calls from most of their servers. It is not sure if the incoming calls (that are originated only from support G729.

Broadvoice servers have several technical problems:

  • Their servers will fail if you are using STUN. You just don't here any audio if your proxy or UA uses STUN.
  • Their servers do not accept redundant DTMF market telephone/event packets. So many SIP compliant outbound in-band DTMF signalling services will fail.
  • The REGISTER method in Broadvoice servers is very fragile. The policies they set are faulty. After very few register attempts, they simply drop all requests and block the account. Usually the only remedy is to call customer service and have the account unblocked. They claim that after some time this happens automatically, but this seems broken.
  • If you attempt to REGISTER or change device or IP within 60 seconds of the last one being on. Everything fails and it never rights itself.
  • It does not accept alternative REGISTERS with alternative q values. This makes professional voice mail difficult.
  • The domain names of the SIP proxy servers they list to use in device configuration (for example, are not in the domain name system anywhere, it seems, not even their own servers. The correct names are when the hyphen is replaced by a dot (e.g.,

Reviews from users

JP: They now have mandatory 911 registration, with no ability to 'opt out' You *must* either give them an address for E911, or declare that you don't live in the US.
BN: Great service, on the right track. Emailing support is spotty — they only respond occasionally. They are a bit sloppy, and prone to release features before they actually work correctly. Overall, however, recommended.
DK:The best value for money VoIP company. Generally the best concerning international dialing. Very happy with Broadvoice. Recommended.
GS: Their service is fine, but the support truly sucks. No response to email, and their phone system kicked me off ("your call could not be transferred") after I sat on hold for ten minutes. I'm looking elsewhere.
EJ: Their registration servers stopped working w/ my asterisk box 5 months ago. 4months ago I asked for my account to be disabled via email. 3 months ago I noticed they still charged my credit card for service. 2 months ago I was forced to change my credit card number, as they didn't anwer any email or phonecalls. 1 month ago they auto-emailed me to tell me my account was disabled because they couldn't charge my credit card. It's flat out fraud, and I'm going to file a report with the BBB.
DM: I have about 5 different account I've signed up (myself, family, & friends) - I have canceled two (family changed their mind) and they canceled it right away and never charged me again. (Had to do it over the phone though, they DON'T ready email) but they're always very helpful on the phone.
Great Service. Unbelieable monthly rates (but remember the $1.50 extra always) and that $5.99 for 100 minutes is unbelieable.
RH: I canceled them - poor voice quality, many problems with service. PLUS - they're expensive. 5.99 for 100 minutes plus the service fee makes that over .08/min. Use voipjet for outbound @ .013/min plus Junction Networks for DID at $2.00/mo plus .029/min is cheaper in the end - and you get better service and quality.
WL: Had a lot of issues with quality. Customer service is beyond poor. Twice my credit card expired and instead of giving any advanced notice they just went ahead and limited service. They also changed me from residential to business for no reason. I finally canceled service but they refuse to refund me the unused time - about 25 days. They claimed I did not request it to be refunded. I followed their cancellation procedures and the contract agreement states I should be refunded for unused time. I wouldn't recommend them.
SF: I had quality issue with the service. The tech support was not very knowledgeable. I paid extra for the business plan and had to paid a fee to start up the service ($29.95) and the regular monthly fee($29.95). But when I cancel the service after 52 days because of the quality issue and lack of support there was an additional 'disconnect' fee of $39.95. It is buried in the fine print. I filed a complaint with the BBB and they are keeping the money.


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