CCI-PBX Receptionist Console

Drag and Drop Call Management Software

A most for receptionists or call center supervisor. CCI-PBX Receptionist delivers efficient and fast call management via easy to use drag and drop feature. Upgrade the call attendant into a more highly productive position.


Main Features

Easy Call Management
Dial, conference, transfer, park, hangup call from CCI-PBX Receptionist intuitive interface.

Drag and Drop
Provides easy call management allowing receptionist to transfer calls in a very flexible way.

Real Time Trunks and Extension Status
Display full name and current status of all the extensions. Display status of PSTN trunk lines in your CCI-PBX phone system.

Click to Call from Centralized Address Book
Add, Edit, Search and Dial contacts from CCI-PBX’s Centralized Address Book.

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