SVK Software Corp __CDRCat_: CDR Processing Software for Gateways & IP PBX's

CDRCat produces customer statements, invoices, statistical & performance reports by simply reading and parsing any CDR file produced by VoIP Gateways, PBX Servers, Switches etc. CDRCat can process a single CDR file or a folder full of hundreds of CDR files, producing thousands of PDF, Excel or Word Reports / Invoices. CDRCat is the perfecect RADIUS alternative Billing Software for those gateways where RADIUS is either an overkill or just not possible.

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CDRCat feature are as follows:
- Process CDR files for an unlimited number of Gateways, Swithces, PBX Servers, etc
- Generate Invoices / Reports in batch or one at a time
- Maintain unlimited number of Rate Tables and Rates
- Process NPA / NXX CDR records
- Process OCN / LATA CDR rcords
- Produce PDF, Excel, Word reports


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